Okay, everyone.....what BAG did I get now???

  1. Hi ladies and gents!! I'm so excited!! Guess what's on it's way to me right now?? It's in the car with my hubby and should be in my hands in about one hour!!!

    Oooo, I hope I'm gonna love her. I figured I'd better get it now before the price hike!!

    I won't have pics for an hour, so, any guesses??
  2. Damier Speedy???
  3. Hmmm, let me guess...I don't know...something in the new epi cannelle colour?
  4. i hope it's a daimer speedy!:yes:
  5. I'm guessing Damier Speedy too!
  6. Ooooh a Damier Speedy would be lovely :love:
  7. He's almost here!!! I'm getting the camera ready!!
  8. oooooooooh so exciting!!!!!!
  9. ohohohohohoh cant wait to see!
  10. Something FahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhBYOOOluooooosssssssss!!!
    Hmmmm, what would make Traci this excited??
  11. Damier speedy.
  12. Oh I can't wait to see!!! I'm going to guess damier speedy also....:flowers:
  13. I'm sure it's the stephen leather embossed bag!
  14. Something limited?
  15. Ok, here it is!!!!

    My new Damier Speedy 25!!! Yay!!! I love her!!! I am a speedy LOVER now!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    :love: :love: :love: :love:

    Enjoy the pics!!
    DSCN0640.jpg DSCN0641.jpg DSCN0645.jpg