okay ebay, I am done.

  1. I have been an eBay member for 10 years. I was a powerseller. I have bought and sold a LOT on eBay in the past year, but they have just lost my business. I was going to cut back after the new fees and such, but now I am just done. no buying, no selling.

    in the past six or so months I have listed almost all of the coach and LV bags in my collection. all are authentic, I have 100% feedback. I went ahead and listed the last LV bag I'm parting with, plus a bag a friend asked me to sell for her since I have such good feedback with LV and she doesn't have experience selling LV. both of the auctions were almost over, one had the reserve met and one was close. yesterday, eBay decided they were both fake and pulled the listings plus suspended my powerseller account. I had very detailed pictures plus information on the bags (mine is actually very rare and I BOUGHT on ebay). It just makes me so mad that there are so many fakes out there but they are still targeting good sellers.

    well, ebay you've lost me and from the looks of things, I'm not the only one.

    thanks for letting me vent!
  2. Yea.....I won't be buying or selling anything on there (that is expensive) for a long long time!!!

    I was planning on selling some DVDs, books, and CDs....but I'll take my business to Amazon!
  3. ^^^Yesterday, I had a SNAD complaint filed against me - my first ever - I've sold a long time on Ebay also. In the last four weeks, I listed four Balenciaga bags. I had to file NPBA on three of them. I rec'd my fvf back on two of the auctions. On the third, she paid after 14 days, and when I saw on the tracking that she had rec'd the bag, I closed the npba case. She immediately filed the SNAD complaint against me. I just feel absolutely TIRED of dealing with Ebay and the buyers. To have a 25% success rate on selling four items - it is just not worth it. We have had snow and ice today, so school is closed, I'm going to start making piles to take to the consignment shop. There are some items that I have to list on Ebay - I don't have a choice, but I'm not buying anything else to list on Ebay. It is done. It is over. BTW, the four Balenciaga bags that I sold - one was brand new with tags that I had purchased from Barney's, one was NWT from LVR, and the other two were bags that I had purchased on Ebay. I rec'd anywhere from 25% to 50% of the price that I paid for them. I had purchased them for my personal collection, and then had decided to refine my collection. I don't mind selling them for less than what I paid for them - sure I wish they would sell for more - but what is really irritating is that 75% of them ended up in huge drama - my wasted time and emotional energy...
  4. This makes me so sad... all three of you that have posted are some of my favorite PFers and I know some of the most ethical people out there! I am so sorry you've had to deal with this. I haven't been as unlucky but I think it's because I sell rather infrequently. I know if this can happen to you guys, it most certainly can happen to me! I may be taking my support elsewhere too, just out of loyalty to you and other PFers that get the raw end of the deal from Ebay. Hugs to you guys. It's Ebay's loss to lose such great people as you guys!
  5. :wtf: OMG, L, that sucks! I'm so sorry. I don't deal with EBay anymore, either. Screw 'em.
  6. ^^^Thank you, guys! It is nice that I have someplace to come and vent - didn't mean to hi-jack your thread, anotheremptysky. But I just wanted you to know I know exactly how you feel. Last year, at about this time, Ebay prevented me from selling any designer handbags because they said I had tried to sell a fake Chloe bag. I had purchased the bag from LVR, had the tags, receipt, everything. Photos were super detailed because I had learned on TPF all of the relevant things that needed to be shown. The person who reported me, it was Chloe - the company. I tried corresponding with them, and was unable to do. I was "suspended" from selling any Gucci, LV, Chloe for six months. Nice, uh?

    Now with the upcoming changes in Ebay - sellers unable to leave fb for buyers - at least that is what I understand - it is just crazy. I just don't understand...
  7. So many people are so fed up with Ebay. I think now it's a good time for other companies to step in and take Ebay customers away from them.

    Ebay used to be so much fun, but now it's getting so bad. I want to leave them, too, but there's no other good alternative that I see yet. :sad:
  8. Gosh, that sounds awful!

    I feel for both of you and I totally understand. I have 5 bags to sell and i'm out, hope I make it without any problems.
  9. I'm the friend, who needed the money for bills, not for another bag. I literally feel like I was punched in the gut by ebay.

    I got the 7-day ban last night as well, which did nothing but infuriate me. I was listing for one more day, and then being done by choice. Now I'm going to be stuck with a pile of Coach that nobody even consigns. I'm trying to keep a roof over my head, which is the most frustrating point out of all of this.
  10. I'm so sorry for you - I know it is so frustrating....
  11. Good luck on your sales! I'll be sending good thoughts your way that they are all completed smoothly!
  12. I know what you mean about there not being a viable, good alternative. :yes:
  13. I know, this is the problem that I have been having with ebay for the past 6 months ... I was willing to look past it while ebay had my back, but now they don't. so there.

    good luck with the consignment, I'm thinking that's what I'm going to have to do too. don't worry about adding your thoughts too!!

    thanks for the support guys
  14. I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to you guys, it's awful that honest sellers are being hit while there are still so many fakes out there! I was burned on ebay awhile back (didn't get my money back) and swore off buying anything expensive from them from then on, so I totally understand how infuriating this can be. Good luck!
  15. Hello everyone. I am a new member here at TPF. So thanks for allowing me to write.

    Anyway, I wanted to share my experience that was quite similar to a previous thread when I tried selling an authentic CHANEL brooch on eBay about 4 years ago.

    I had purchased this brooch directly from the now defunct high-end department store, I-Magnin (sic) in San Francisco. This was originally purchased back in 1987, so it was really old, but rarely worn.

    It was really cool, too. It looked like a nametag that a CHANEL sales associate would wear. It was faux gold with black lettering CHANEL and their address in Paris. It was really nice. I paid (back in 1987) $200 for this thing. It had CHANEL engraved on the back and I still had the original box to go along with it. But obviously, no receipt.

    When I listed it, 2 days later, it was removed. Apparently from an "expert" of CHANEL because they said it was a fake. I was so upset about this and the frustrating part was, I had nobody to contact to confirm that this was indeed, authentic. I honestly think that if somebody is going to monitor these auctions for authenticity, then there should be some way that you can contact these monitors to prove your authenticity. I wanted to let them know that I was the original buyer and it was over 15 years old, so that is most likely why they had never seen it before.

    Luckily, I relisted it about a month later and it sold right away. I took the chance that maybe this particular monitor won't see it listed again, and luckily they didn't because it sold for $150.

    That's my suggestion when that happens, try listing it again. Who knows? Luckily, they didn't suspend my account over it like apparently has happened to some of you. Maybe because I don't sell a lot of these items on eBay.

    Good luck!