Okay Down To 3 Choices....help!!!!

  1. 1. Speedy 30
    2. Papillion 30-mono
    3.marelle Mm
  2. Honestly, I like the Papillon or the Speedy..they're roomier.
  3. Speedy 30!!!!!!!
  4. I guess it depends on the type of bag? If you are looking to hold more, the Speedy would be better... the Marelle is more unique though
  5. the Speedy!
    i could be saying that just because i bought a 25 on Thursday, but it's a great bag for everyday use
    the Marelle MM is too small, and would be better of as a clutch; in fact, i use the Pochette Marelle i just bought as a clutch
  6. Speedy 30. I don't like the opening of the pap, kind of hard to get in and out of IMO.
  7. you should get either the Speedy 30 or the Papillion (Monogram) i reckon these are really cute!
  8. Papillon 30
  9. Pap 30!!!:love:
  10. Speedy 30 - you'll love it :yes:
  11. MARELLE!

    just to be different! :roflmfao: No, seriously, I saw it in person and I LOVED IT! (except the closures - which makes it a hassle to get in and out of your bag) But it's so darn cute! :yes:
  12. speedy 30
  13. Speedy 30!

    You're right ILuvLV, the Pap 30 is hard to get in and out of. I rarely use mine.
  14. Speedy 30.
  15. If it's for an everyday bag...and especially if it's your first LV...get the Speedy 30. Holds a ton, is easy to carry and is enduringly stylish. It's a classic.