Okay...do I need BOTH or just one???? pics

  1. Okay, I NEED HELP, Please! I bought the black/white sig demi a little while back and I LOVE it. But...now that I just won the Legacy Shoulder Zip in black/khaki/ebony...do I NEED both????
    Also...a friend of mine has the bl/wh demi and I kinda feel funny carrying it when we are together (which is NOT often) - like we MATCH.:sad: Any thoughts??? Are these two bags even CLOSE to being similar?
    I also just bought the Multi Stripe Demi - TODAY:heart:, so would THREE bags that are close in size be too many?!!?
    legacy.jpg IMG_0839.JPG IMG_1014.JPG
  2. Well they are totally different bags to me. Even though they are all demi size. I'd keep all of them. They're all so cute. The multi stripe demi is TDF. I think you'll use them all!!!
  3. yup, they're all completely different to me too. i always say, if you love it, keep it. i agree with krista - i think you'll definitely use them all! and they're all different colors!
  4. Of course you don't need both, but where's the fun in that? Keep them and enjoy them!! ;)
  5. Just about all my bags are the same size, They are all special in their own way. When your with your friend switch out your bag!

    Keep them all!!
  6. All 3 are different and all are cute. I see no harm in keeping them both.
  7. The Shoulder Zip that you just won on eBay is quite a bit bigger than the other two bags. Plus, I agree with everyone else - they are all different and unique in their own way. But, wait and see what happens once you have all three. If you find yourself neglecting one in particular sell it on eBay!
  8. I agree with Mokoni. The legacy zip is a different bag then the other 2 and I think you'll use them in different ways. But if you neglect one, sell it. Congrats on your new bag!
  9. The bags are different enough that you can justify all of them.

    Legacy Shoulder Zip-- everyday, every season
    Signature Stripe Demi-- perfect for spring and summer
    B&W Demi-- can be a dressier bag, also good for fall and winter
  10. If you love them then keep them. However if you are looking to diversify your collection I can see how three small bags may seem to crowd that genre in your collection. For me when I choose a new bag I like to pick one that fills a hole in my collection. I like to have a summer tote, a suede bag, a hobo style bag, a swing pack, a huge carry-everything bag, a wristlet/clutch, a medium day to day bag. I try and cover all the major shapes when I buy a new bag - hobo, satchel, flap, tote, etc. and the major fabrics and leathers. I don't like to have too much overlap in my collection. :smile:
  11. The Legacy shoulder zip is actually a bit bigger than a demi. I've been using my white one this week.
  12. Since when is this about "need"? :smile:
    Keep 'em!
  13. Shoulderbabies...that is exactly where I am coming from on this...In my collection I have:
    Black/white Sig Demi
    Ergo Sig Hobo
    Black Sig Slim Duffle
    Punch Sig Stripe Wristlet
    Multi Stripe Sig Demi
    Denim purse - #8146 (not sure what style NAME)
    Legacy Shoulder Zip blk/kha/ebony (arriving soon!)

    Mokoni...I think you are right, too: I will wait and see once I get the Legacy and then evaluate. :yes:

    Thanks so much for all of yall's help!!
  14. You need a big one. A large shoulder tote, or a Carly.....

  15. My thoughts exactly!!