Okay, do I get Magenta or Violet?

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  1. What are you all doing? This is absolute freakin' torture. AAUUGGGHHH! Do those of you who already have Magenta use it alot? Would I be happier w/ Violet? This new option has thrown me for a loop.:cursing:
  2. Get both if you can, it may be years before they do these colors again and look what eggplanst go for on eBay. Magentas are getting up there in price too. I paid about 1700. for my eggplant but refused to pay secondary for magenta because I like it but won't use it a lot. But at regular price, brand new, I'm sure getting one.
  3. I'm getting both. I think the colors are different enough to justify buying both colors....at least that's what I keep telling myself.;)
  4. My husband is ready to KILL me. I am way too high maintenance. WHy do I want absolutely everything? The thing that is annoying to me is that I had no interest in Magenta until I got the stinkin' email from BALNY and now of course I "want" it. Do I really want it or am I just being nuts?
  5. :roflmfao: funny coz im thinking of the same thing too. reading yours made me realized and i took a deep breath......
    just take it easy....go with your instinct. its just a commotion...it will pass:wlae:
  6. Oh Shasta, both would look soooo fabulous on you!:yes::heart: If you have to choose, maybe you can choose according to what you "need"? I think you can probaly combine more with violet as it is more subtle, yet still sooo beautiful and the Magenta is a lot brighter, but also VERY beautiful- I don't know!!!:shrugs: Get both!;)
  7. My personal choice would be violet. The magenta IRL is a very deep color, almost purple. It is gorgeous, just not for me.
  8. yes like gwen i much prefer the violet, magenta is very pretty but not for me.
  9. violet for sure!
  10. I have ordered both. Partly for me and partly for investment. One consideration is to get the violet in an accessory. I pre-ordered it in the flap clutch with silver hardware.
  11. I think they are different enough that you could get both. Big help, I know.:p
  12. i know exactly how you feel!! at first i was all set on getting a violet first and while i liked magenta it wasn't a color that i seriously considered, now i'm thinking would i be happier with a silver hardware magenta city?? i was agonizing over what color first to get and after i finally decided, the new magenta bags have thrown my plans in disarray. ;)
  13. Once again, Shasta, you go for the vivid colors like me. I never had a desire for magenta when I first became interested in Bal, but I do love that color. I just don't know how much I'd wear it. I plan to get violet because violet is one of my favorite colors. If you can get both (maybe sell one later on eBay if you don't like it for a profit), I'd do it. Or you could return one.
  14. BOTH!!! :party:
    I'm so envious of you girls, being able to buy those...

    I'm in the states now, but I will be back in Denmark when the new colors arrive. We only have one Bbag retailer in Denmark, and they never know which colours they will get :censor:

    Let us know what you decide to do!!!
  15. Go for it! You could always sell one if it doesn't get used. :smile: If it's any consolation, my H is ready to kill me as well.