okay, did all that new croc stuff just slip right under our noses?

  1. i saw TWO croc speedies today at LV 5th ave. BEAUTIFUL, with an adorable little gold plated croc luggage tag hanging from them. not to mention an ostrich one too but omg the croc...:drool::drool: and then i look down, and there's all these other croc accessories in the case...red, black...i do not remember any info about any of this so i was QUITE surprised!!!!
  2. I believe they are special order pieces. I saw a couple of them in the Hong Kong boutique and when I saw a catalogue with them in there it says Special Order Only.
  3. Yeah I think so too. The SCP store usually has a wallet or two in the case...most of the stores now have keychains (I think that's what they are) displayed in the cases as well.
  4. Croc degrade...*sigh*
  5. surprising that they are SO only, 5th ave had at least a whole section of it. i was like :drool: -- cute little jewelry cases and wallets, shoes... :drool:
  6. Ack! Don't wanna see them......
  7. ^^^^^^

    You can buy them outright, if they have not been claimed already. My store had an exotic ostrich speedy in burgundy, retailed at $12,000. I honestly can't say it was beautiful, as I detest the look and feel of ostrich skin, but it was there for someone to buy....
  8. i saw the some croc (i think speedy?) bags in the display window on 5th ave last week. Love it but i'll never be able to afford a croc bag. lol
  9. Yeah they produce these exotic items so that they can be shown to customers and most likely bought right then and there or they will place a special order for it if they didn't want the display model (since Exotic is not MASS produced like monogram or any other major line). At the xmas party I went to, I was lookingat a $2200 exotic ludlow and I mentioned how I would LOVE to own it. The Manager told me if I was to do something exotic, special order it so its even more special and hasn't been on display, and no one has touched it :smile: because for all that $ it has to be PERFECT
  10. ^^ I saw some little accesories in Paris but they where not THAT expensive
    2.200 USD for a ludlow? how exotic that sounds! hehe

    I would love a speedy in black croc
  11. I too hate ostrich skin. I like the look of it, but it's terrible when you touch it and see it upclose. :sad: It's like it has some kind of illness.

    Croc I think looks ok, mostly for small things and accessoires.
  12. i had never thought that about ostrich but now you mention it it does kinda look like leather with chicken pox.
  13. :wtf:Croc speedy??? :drool:
  14. OMG I want a CROC speedy in PINK...... *sigh*
  15. Em.. a croc speedy sounds hot ...