okay, can i share an e-bay pet peeve with y'all?

  1. why do some buyers expect you do them a favor by shipping an international package for almost zero value @ the seller's own risk, not their own (?) :shrugs:...btw, i'm not speaking of the 2 lovely ladies who've already adopted my b-bags :tender:...it just doesn't seem fair when a buyer asks you to declare a low value & then decides they don't want the bag when you say it's at "their own risk", not yours :hysteric:
  2. if they ask you to devalue the bag, i think it should be at the buyer's risk. i always assume that it is at my risk if i ask the seller to declare a lower value on my package.
    maybe in future auctions, you can say you will only ship declaring full value of the bag?
  3. Speaking as an "international" buyer, I would NEVER ask someone to shoulder the responsibility for my own desire and request to save on the duties and taxes. I usually do ask for a low declared value, but only if the item is shipped via a fully trackable service (i.e., scans at every depot along the way) since the chances of it getting lost are minimal that way. But I also make it extremely clear- in writing- to the seller that I assume full responsibility if anything happens to the package, as it's my gamble.
    It is completely ridiculous to ask you to burden yourself with this when you are not the one trying to save the money in the first place!
  4. bama, as not i am that familiar with international/overseas transactions, i've had that sort of question sitting in the back of my mind too. i've sent one package and received one package (both overseas) without a problem. but in case the item gets lost in transit for whatever reason, for instance, isn't the buyer the one who will incur the loss if the item is de-valued?
  5. A guy just asked me to do this with something I'm currently selling. He wanted it shipped to his friend in the Phillepenes(sp?) and for me to declare it as under $100 when it's worth more than $1000. I told him I was not comfortable with it and I'd overnight it to him in the states and he can deal with the overseas stuff.
  6. yeppers, it should be the buyer's responsibility if anything goes wrong & they've asked it to be devalued :sad:...that's why it's so frustrating to me that they seemed turned off by the sale as soon as i say "it's at your own risk", not mine...why should it be my fault if a $1K USD bag is devalued down to $50 USD because they asked me to, in order for them to save on customs fees (?) :shrugs:...it's especially frustrating when i've offered them free international fedex shipping on top of it :hysteric:
  7. maybe someone who has had a bad experience (whether they were the buyer or seller) with overseas shipping can shed some light on this and share their knowledge, for curiosity's sake. if i ever did de-value an item going overseas and it got lost, i would feel awful for the buyer who would have to eat the loss on it.
  8. i agree, it should be at the buyer's risk... since this is done to alleviate them from paying duty/custom fees. i only do this if the buyer requests it.

    when i buy something overseas and ask this to be done, i definitely assume it is at my own risk.
  9. awe, i'd feel awful about it too BooYah-girl, but they shouldn't expect that it ought to be at the seller's risk, when they're the ones who wanted it shipped that way, ya know (?) :shrugs:...if they don't wanna take the risk, then they should just have the seller ship it to them as a $1K USD valued bag & deal with the customs fees when they get them...i mean, the chances of anything going wrong are slim with me, since i only ship via fedex & they've never lost a package of mine yet...but should anything go wrong, i don't think it should be my fault if the buyer told me to ship it that way...it's like they want to have their cake & eat it too & it's not fair :girlsigh:
  10. Exactly, it's either you pay any additional customs costs when the full value is declared or you risk having it sent with the lower value. I think the sellers are already doing the buyers a huge favour by doing this for them, I think it very rude to then expect the sellers to be responsible if something went wrong in transit.
  11. ^^DITTO!
  12. i agree with you, i'm also an international buyer or seller sometimes :P adn i always asked the seller to send me the certain bag i bought with low value but only with trackable shipping and it's with my own risk. because the custom tax where i live is ridulously high, and they don't even have the standard. when i was sent a bottega bag with value 1000$, they only charged me 100$ which is fair to me. but when they sent me an lv with 600$ value, they charged me 400$ just because it's an LV!!!! what the f**ck!!!
  13. I agree 100%! First of all, I think it's incredibly generous of you to offer free int'l shipping, which is not cheap. I just don't understand people sometimes. I am asked by clients in my business to devalue videotapes, to escape customs agents in various countries, which we do, as a courtesy to the client. But it is ALWAYS understood that the recipient accepts the loss, if the package should be lost or destroyed. Fedex is our preferred courier also, and I have NEVER had a problem with them, and we've used them for years, and shipped everywhere in the world.