Okay budgetnistas!

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  1. If you are in a cramp like I am but still purchasing affordable purses here's the new edition to the BRepublic fam:
    banana republic.jpg
    "Kempton" (small)
  2. I think it's nice for going out or if you are a minimalist.
  3. A bit equestrian, I like it!
  4. you know what, that is kinda cute. does anyone out there have a BR handbag? i don't actually own one, but this may be my first!


    inside of it even looks kinda nice.
  5. I do. A white bamboo handle hobo. Its somewhere.....

  6. Fayden,...IS THAT GREEN!!!!
  7. yes it's green! but they didn't have the green available on their site for you green freaks out there! JK. haha! but i do like anything metallic, so if it's a metallic green i might like it, i guess i'll just have to take a trip to BR soon and look!
  8. I know sorry guys. I looked for the green too but no full pic. My sis was looking for a green bag also.
  9. I have the Bloomsbury hobo, and love it. The leather is thick but very soft, and the bag is very comfortable on my shoulder.
  10. I have a Banana Replublic small antique gold leather hobo, and I absolutely love it! I've had it for over two years and still use it all the time. It's so versatile and the quality's great for the price!
  11. That one was drooliscious:nuts: !
  12. Nice I like it!
  13. The strap is very MJ Adina.
  14. I knew it was something about that strap. That's what I like the most about this bag.
  15. Also check out the Tangiers Large Triangle Tote I think it's quite nice