Okay, anyone confused by the catalog vs. online. vs. the store?

  1. For instance, i saw the little key pouch, and instead of 4 big stripes, it had them all in smaller sizes. Then with the cosmetic case, I saw it also in the store and it was big, with the stripes in all sorts of colours, but then you see in the catalog, two shots of it, and one is bigger, and the other is shorter, with chunkier stripes. Am I the only one confused here?
  2. No - I totally noticed that the prints in the catalog look different... AND the catalog also shows a pair of red turn key loafers that I thought were gone forever - so I went to the store to ask if they are back and they told me no, they are just on the model in the catalog, but no longer being sold...
  3. Aww that stinks needanother bag :sad: Is that the one where the girl is jumping with one shoe?

    OH! And also, I know theres a bigger coin pouch wristlet in stores as well for 88 dollars, but the one I saw at the store (still talking about coin pouch) had the smaller stripes WITH pink contrasting stitching!
  4. A SA once told me that an item in the catalog may not make it to the retail stores exactly like it is represented. For example, a cute bag I saw last year in the catalog had a taupe bow and rhinestone, but made it to stores w/a GREEN bow and rhinestone. Same for the ocelot purse... the catalog showed a contrasting baby blue ribbon by the coral velvet ribbon, but mine doesn't have that. I thought that the online examples were supposed to be better representations of what is in the stores, but maybe not??

    I also thought that online was supposed to represent what was available in stores too!!

    Maybe sprinkles or ms whitney could elaborate on this!!
  5. aarti - yep, the girl jumping with the red turnlock loafer on, those are the shoes I am dying for... I was so excited to see them in the catalog, but it was just for the photoshoot i guess... bummed.
  6. I really hope the one I ordered looks like the four striped one! Crossing my fingers!!
  7. I wish I could think from the top of my head what yours looked like! I think it may be different :/
  8. I said something about this a few days back but no one replied.....ladies!!! I love the thinner, more lines w/ the pink. The bigger, less lines don't have pink it was confusing. But I went to the store Saturday & I still didn't pay any attention to it.
  9. ^^Yes I went Saturday as well, but ordered the day before. So do you mean you saw both the thin stripes and the four stripes? When I get it and its not the one I see online should I take it back to the store with a print out of what it looks online?
  10. I am pretty sure that the pictures in the catalogs are the prototypes/production samples of the products. Since I also collect dolls and there is usually a lag time between Toy Fair in February and when the actual dolls come later in the year, I am used to this and don't let it bother me. I know it's confusing and frustrating though. When the Poppy line came out earlier in the year, I lusted after it, but only bought the coin purse. In the catalog, they show the poppy on it off center, but my actual coin purse has the poppy centered.
  11. ^^Thats good to know krispin thanks! I wish I was more into coach when the poppy coin pouch came out!! Its too cute! Online though it has the four stripes, which confuses me even more.. shouldn't at least the boutique and online be in harmony?
  12. Yeah..I noticed that both my Naomi pumps and my Pamela sandels are in the catalog...but you haven't been able to buy either for a while.