Okay, am I overreacting???

  1. :crybaby: I saw this today and wanted to die. I am usually not this emotional about things like this but i adore my multi pocket. Its my first high end bag and i love it... What shall i do?:crybaby:
  2. Is it just a loose thread?

    It happens. I had one on my stella... take a lighter to it and burn the excess thread... easiest way to fix it and have it not fray more
  3. Thanks because i was pissed. I am going to try that when i get home. I am very heavy handed and tend to be hard on my bags so i just thought it was me.
  4. no no... as long as it's not the contrast stitching you're good. It looks like this is a loose thread from an internal seam... since it's black... the lighter really is the best solution... since the thread is nylon bonded, the plastic in the thread will melt and create a "bead" type of reaction.. causing the thread to stop fraying. ;)

    After you burn the thread and it gets closest to the leather, take your fingernail and shove the rest into the crease of the bag.

    does that make sense?

    this is totally normal... so it's not your fault. ;)
  5. Damm, your good. This makes total sense. You are the best:yes: . Thanks for all your help Luna.
  6. I've had this happen to a few of my bags but never thought to try the lighter trick. Normally I just snip it off (but it would fray later...) Thanks for the great tip! :yahoo:
  7. That was my first thought, to snip it off but i wasnt sure. Thats why i knew i needed to ask the pros about this.
  8. You're welcome :smile:
  9. Lighter? My luck, I'd turn the whole bag into a raging inferno! :roflmfao:

    I usually either give those a gentle tug to see if it's just a renegade loose thread. Normally they pull right out. If not, I like to use nail clippers. I can get close enough to get rid of the thread w/o messing up my bag. Maybe using the lighter on the end of a needle or paperclip (like when you [ick] are trying to get a tick out of your skin) and zapping the thread with that would be a "bit" safer, at least for this klutz. :shame:
  10. Haha.. I can see where one might be scared of burning their bag. But honestly, the thread will light on fire much quicker than the leather would.


  11. :nuts: I thought about that too, i told myself that i had to be careful. I mean i am a serious klutz, hell i will knock over a cup full of water thats right in my face!