Okay all you YSL fans out there...I need opinions!

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  1. Hi guys!
    I'm interested in buying a mini YSL Trib tote but I wanted to come here and get an opinion first....
    I have the option of purchasing a teal one or a white one and I wanted to know which color you think is better/more practical/versatile etc. I also was wondering if anyone had exact size specifications of the mini one and/or pictures.
  2. ^ I would second that.
  3. sorry, there are no minis, now I see
  4. If you want patent I would not get white, I have seem so many of them with marks and you can't remove them.
  5. I agree. Get the teal.
  6. the mini I saw at the south coast plaza YSL store in black and it is adorable, but not practical as an everyday bag if you want to fit more than basics.

    I have the small (not mini), and it is very practical and not heavy. Love it.

    Lastly, I agree with hotpursuit and nymifashion, if it is white patent, don't do it, they get marks, and yellow over time.

    GL choosing and please post photos when you get it!
  7. Thanks for the opinions! I have the medium patent croc and I love it! I was leaning towards the white but I appreciate your feedback on it so now I'm thinking teal!
  8. ^ if the leather is patent, usually you can take off marks with nail polish remover
  9. I also vote for teal...YSL colors in patent are TDF.