Okay, all of you White/Black ALI Owners!

  1. I have another ali question!! :graucho: I know that the black and white ali's are different leathers than the others like whiskey and brown. I know they are not as soft and mushy and wont' scratch... BUT does the white (or black) soften up like the brown? My white is SO structured right now, but my brown is SO mushy and squishy... will the white get mushy or will it just soften a little? I wouldn't mind it having a LITTLe more form than my brown, but just wonder what it will turn out like, if anyone knows. :confused1: THanks so much!!! :tup:
  2. I've had my white Ali for about a month and it's pretty squishy. The leather is definitely not stiff.
  3. good to know :tup: Has the front pocket gotten slouchy and squishy, or is it still pretty formed? :confused1:
  4. I have a black one and mine is fairly softened up, not stiff at all. I can post pics later (maybe even tomorrow) but have to work on schoolwork at the moment, sorry!
  5. I bought the black Ali last Oct. and it is fairly soft. You are right it does not show any scratches. The leather looks a bit pebbled as opposed to being a smooth leather but it is not in the least bit stiff
  6. okay, here is my brown along w/ my new white.. you can totally tell the difference, but I bought the brown one preloved so it was already squishy so I am just wondering if the white one gets like that or not as much. Thanks you guys!!
  7. Can't recall offhand - I will look tonight when I get home. I don't think it's too slouchy though. I also compare the white to my brown one and see if there's a difference.
  8. Thanks!! :tup:
  9. Well I can tell you that my black one has a squishy pocket like the pic of your brown one as opposed to the pic of the white one.
  10. Mine are not so stiff that they don't relax, the belly will pouch, or slightly fold over itself, and the flap will cave in, but they are not as soft as brown. GIVE HER LOTS OF BEAR HUGS TO SOFTEN HER UP! Smoosh her up with your hands push down on the top of her, she is not going to break, also it depends how things are place inside her.
  11. They both looks soooooooooo GORGEOUS on you, yet sooooo different! It's so funny how the SAME exact bag can have TWO different looks when you see it in a different color! I LOVE both of them on you!!! (I am NO help when it comes to the Ali!!!!! I'm an "Ali enabler now!!!!" LOLOLOL....
  12. I've had the white ali for more than a month and she is still really structured and fairly stiff. I have noticed that the sides have caved in a bit and the back of the flap has also started to cave in, but mostly, it's still really structured. Which is why I'm thinking about getting the whiskey ali....this forum really helps my addiction! hehe
  13. Cool, great info!! My black leather Ali is still pretty new so she has not softened up quite yet. But wow I just love her... the strap and strap drop length are just tdf...love how she feels on me! woo hoo!
  14. Mine has softened up and I've had her since Feb '07 (black Ali).

    She will mold and nestle up against your body when you wear her so in time, she should soften up.