Okay a choice

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  1. Right I have narrowed my ideas for when I get paid in two weeks and I can stretch to blowing another 300pounds on a mulberry so no new clothes for me but well have too many anyways....
    If the sale is still going and these are available do I get the small black mabel....or lipstick roxanne tote....Lavender ledbury.... or a sensible black somerset tote? :nuts:
    In my collection I have now... my lavender card holder, aries keyring (on its way), purple canvas roxanne tote all from mulberry.com .... and a black canvas Hellier from ebay and a plum somerset shoulder bag....

    Or do I just order the lavender purse and stop being :nuts:.
  2. Do you need another tote? I notice that you have that gorgeous purple one .. are you looking to get something in the same style as you like it so much & will use it a lot ... ?

    You have the small bag thing covered with the somerset you just bought ..

    What about an e/w Bays in the lavender rather than the Ledbury? (Ive no idea of the price of it sorry!)
  3. Nice dilemma piglet! OK, out of your list my choice would be the lipstick tote - looks fab IRL.

    However, is there anything that you feel is missing from your collection - from a style or practicality point of view? Neutral leather bag? More formal medium-larger style bag? Purse?

    Other than that I think I'd just go with the one that makes your heart sing :smile:
  4. Well done on getting the plum Somerset shoulder Piglet!!!:biggrin:
  5. I would just say if you want a Black Small Mabel or Black Mabel Shoulder to phone Shepton Mallet because they had quite a few of both yesterday and they'll be cheaper!

    The Lipstick Roxy A4 Tote is gorgeous (I have one!) but it really depends on what is REALLY missing from your collection. You already have a Roxy Tote and its in a 'colour' rather than Black or Brown, but then again, you already have a smallish Black bag and a small 'evening' style bag in Somerset Shoulder.

    I think I would have to say either just stick to the purse and save some money or the Mabel Shoulder in Black Spongy Leather they had a SM yesterday was lovely, and its a current season bag (so at SM it will be 30% less than full price - sorry, can't remember what that is).
  6. Okay who has the phone number for SM? I will find out about the mabel...
  7. 01749 340 583

    Keep us posted!
  8. Okay they have a mulberry mabel shoulder 2 in stock at £276....... black soft leather....
    Then mabel choc light antique £416
    Then mabel pink or bright blue....£297
    Now just have to wait until payday..... too long this month.
    Defo getting if school come back and say sticking to my original offer letter... probadly in pink or black or blue who knows....
  9. Lol! The mabel shoulder was smaller IRL than I had expected - just make sure you know which size you'd be comfortable with piglet.
  10. I think the Mabel Shoulder was the same size as the Mini Mabel wasn't it or was it slightly smaller?
  11. Okay mabel shoulder is 15X26X9cm £276 at SM

    small mabel on sale on website is 16.5x21x9cm £276

    and normal mabel is 23.5X29.5x11.5cm £408 on website for choc
  12. Pooh school changed terms which is pants... can't imagine they have done that to the full time people which are new that they have employed. Oh well have to stick it out for experience... if they had said this at out set would of been okay but then to mess me around before even started its really unprofessional of them. Also means worse of each month by £150. Sorry for venting....
    So now going to reassess my desires more like a plum anthony from sm or black mabel...