okay, a bit of a weird question, but...

  1. does anyone know where LV gets their music from? for example right now, the music that's on the little chinese new year animation, i like listening to that kinda stuff and i can't ever find it anywhere. i find myself searching itunes in the electronic genre for stuff that sounds like that and i'm usually not very successful. anyone know??
  2. The marketing droids do a good job. Just email them. :smile:
  3. just email them;
  4. Is there a Chinese New Year animation? On the website?
  5. Yeah, I just saw it and I'm always impressed with the way Louis Vuitton presents itself.
  6. yes, vuitton.com. go check it out, very cute!!

    and really? if i e-mail them they will tell me?
  7. Ok, I'll go now, and turn on my speaker. Yeah, the marketing gurus there should tell you.
  8. k i just e-mailed them, hopefully i'll hear something by next week :smile:
  9. I just heard it, it's nice, but I want more of the tacky Chiang Chiang Chiang CNY songs, I haven't heard them in ages!:yahoo:
  10. Please let the rest of us know what it is if you find out! K?
  11. Happy Chinese New Year everyone! My Dh is Chinese so maybe I can get some pomme good luck this weekend!
  12. i love random songs. if you go to buddakannyc.com -- i LOVE their opening songs! lol i even heard it when i was in the restaurant and was like AHHHHH! lol. taorestaurant.com has one that entices me too :smile:
  13. No your question is not weird, i had the same thing in my mind , if you found the name of the music please let me know and i will be thankful
  14. LV has their music created especially for them. From what I was told in the past, it can't be found or downloaded anywhere. Which sucks because I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY loved the song that plays when you call 866 and they put you on hold. I also liked the song that played int he background in the Cerises animation. :love:

  15. haha I remember that one too!!!! I just kept playing it in the background! Then it went... :sad: I only have a vague recollection on how it went!