Okay! 14 reasons why I love my DH!

  1. I guess I'm feeling a little guilty starting the "venting" thread.
    These are the reasons why I put up with DH idiosyncrasies:

    He takes care of me when I'm sick
    He puts a roof over my head and food on the table
    He loves animals
    He takes me out on "dates" (restaurants, movies, shopping)
    He always makes my birthday/valentines day, anniversary special
    He likes to hold my hand while we're falling asleep
    He puts up (and often financially supports) my purse/shoe fetish
    He likes to buy me clothes (even though sometimes our tastes differ!)
    He's a snappy dresser (has a killer shoe collection himself!)
    He's a talented performer/songwriter
    He leaves me little notes all over the house for me to come home to
    He supports my career decisions
    He loves to ski
    He makes me laugh

    okay ladies. your turn. they're all worth every :wacko: thing they put us through!
  2. He tells me how sexy/beautiful my body is, even when I gain weight. :shame:
  3. 1. He tells me everyday that he loves me
    2. He treats me like a princess
    3. He is the most unselfish person I have ever known.
    4. He doesn't mind my purse fetish
    5. He treats my family like they are his own
    6. He snuggles with me while we are sleeping
    7. He is my best friend
    8. I can tell him anything without worrying about judgment.
    9. He still opens the car door for me
    10. He holds me when I cry
    11. He is always so thoughtful on holidays and my birthdays
    12. He has great taste, occasionally he will buy me shoes or clothes and I always love them.
    13. He always knows how to make me smile
    14. I can always count on him.
  4. I think we married twins!

    : )
  5. I want to see! lol

    Hm. Okay, let's see. . .

    1. He's intelligent.
    2. Very good at managing money.
    3. Kisses and hugs me in front of his friends (I used to hate when past BF's tried to act tough in front of their friends and ignore me).
    4. Great dresser! Sometimes I even feel under dressed around him.
    5. Supports my going to college.
    6. Once paid $350 just to come see me for 5 days.
    7. Understands that I can be stubborn when I'm upset and still puts up with me and hugs me until I calm down.
    8. Has a great sense of humor & a romantic at heart.
    9. Doesn't make that much money, but supports my newly developed bag obsession & tries to buy me other things I want when he's able to.
    10. Passionate about cars.
    11. Knows everything about computers.
    12. Watches scary movies with me because he knows I love them, even though they terrify him.
    13. He loves turtles. He stopped to put one off the road once, lol.
    14. Never gives up on us & tells me he loves me at least 20 times a day.
  6. ^^ sounds like a keeper to me!
  7. I agree!
  8. :love: he calls me princess and treats me like one too!
  9. 1. He's my bestfriend.
    2. He supports my crazy bag fetish and also often financially supports it as well.
    3. He tells me he loves me everyday.
    4. He holds me while we're sleeping.
    5. He doesn't mind that I end up pushing him to one side of the bed by the end of the night.
    6. He makes me laugh.
    7. He's very creative and artistic.
    8. He cooks for me.
    9. He treats me like a princess.
    10. He takes me out on dates.
    11. He'll hold me and kiss me even though I'm in the most rotten mood and tell me that everything'll be okay.
    12. He kisses me on the forehead.
    13. He takes me out on late night drives around the city and to the beach when I can't sleep.
    14. He'll get up and make me something to eat when I get hungry in the middle of the night. (damned late night cravings)
  10. Such an "Aww!" thread :P

    1. He puts up with me!
    2. He has great music taste
    3. He plays guitar and bass (noticing a trend here?)
    4. He likes my, uh, bottom half :shame:
    5. He doesn't mind that I rarely cook
    6. He pays most of the time when we go on dates
    7. He listens (most of the time) when I vent about work
    8. He surprises me with homemade Rice Krispies treats :love:
    9. He picks flowers for me from the rose bush outside our house
    10. He doesn't tell me that I suck at singing, even though I do :P
    11. He sends me text messages and funny emails at work to make me laugh
    12. Did I mention great taste in music?
    13. He drives 99 percent of the time
    14. He is loyal, honest, sweet, caring and just wonderful :shame: :love:
  11. Awww...I have no SO but I wanted say that I am happy to see you fabulous women with such wonderful husbands/boyfriends because all of you deserve nothing but the best!
  12. That's SO cute! awww! :amuse:
  13. This thread is making me feel warm and happy inside. I recently broke up with someone but you guys have given me a great deal of hope about the future. I'm so happy for you all!

    P.S. What does DH mean?????? I keep seeing it all over and I can't figure it out. I do know what SO means though...lol
  14. dear hubby, darling husband, etc.

    just goes to show, these guys exist. yours will find you!
  15. Thanks so much for the encouragement. Your thread brightened my day. :smile: