Okapi PM or GM... I can't decide!


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Sep 28, 2005

(pictured: L: PM size, R: GM size)

My birthday is coming up next weekend, and I asked my husband for an Okapi case. The closest LV is about one hour away, so I can't get there too often to compare sizes.

What I am wondering, is the GM too much case for my needs? I would use it for things like a cellphone, an iPod nano, my keys, maybe credit card and cash, that kind of thing.

I don't know if anyone here even has a GM, I searched and found nothing. If you have one can you post pics, along with how much it holds? Or just describe.

The GM is 6" x 4", which is around the same size as my mono agenda PM, I think. But I just don't know. And I think I would rather it be "too big" than too small, like a wapity.

help! :confused1:

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Get the GM. IMO it's better to have a little more room than to cram. I took a look at both when I went to SF a couple months ago and I like both, but for your needs, the GM would be better. You'll be able to hold your phone and iPOD plus have enough room for money and keys! Post pics of whichever you get!:smile: