Okaaayy so..i really love tylie malibu..

  1. i have been lusting after the bags forever, but they seem kinda pricey to me..does anyone know where i can find a good deal on them?? TIA!
  2. SophieLuv you can sign up on the Tylie Malibu website and receive emails from this amazing handbag company.
    In March Tylie Malibu had a SAMPLE SALE!! The owner/designer was there and there were countless Tylie Malibu hangbags all over the place.

    The other thing you can do on the Tylie website is click on the state you are in and look up the stores nearest you. I typically call a few and ask for the style I want and see how the prices differ from each store. My last Tylie purchase was a Winter White Exeter bag! Absolutely AWESOME!

    Good Luck!

    PS I really love tylie malibu too!!!!!!!!!! :tup: