1. So I can get ANY Coach bag I want 50% off....
    what do I get??

    ANy style is fine.
    I'll admit to liking "it" bags...
    I have a few Balenciaga, Chloe Paddington, LV, Marc Jacobs....

    So...hit me!!
    I have NO idea what's going on at Coach!!

  2. First of all, I would recommend just browsing Coach.com.

    My personal recommendations:

    I own this one and I love it


    or in black


    or a small bag


    I like this satchel very much


    and i love this hobo

  3. A Daphne! Get a DAPHNE!
  4. agreed! esp if, as you say, you like IT bags--may I ask how you got the discount, lucky girl? show pictures when you decide!
  5. ^^ My friend is paying for half.:graucho:
  6. I say the pebbled leather!

    And these are others that I like. The Legacy Line is nice!

    And I agree with the new indigo patchwork:
  7. The only reason I don't like the Daphne is its weight. Heavy. And my personal preference is for a shoulder bag, but that is just me!
  8. Too many choices! I would go for the shoulder tote!
  9. I like Kiari's choice for the Legacy Leather Hobo in the 2nd pic of her post! :smile:
  10. Daphnie! its beautiful! my mom bought it then returned it because she felt it was too trendy for her age (39):cry:
  11. The daphne is pretty heavy, but I can carry mine on my shoulder pretty easily. If I could get anything for half off I would get the Legacy Leather Pocket Shoulder Tote in brown or the Hamptons Vintage Carryall in black. I'm really digging the brass hardware lately. I also like the new Tie Dye shoulder totes.
    7466_b4db_d2.jpg 9290_B4BK_d2.jpg
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