OK. You're ancient Egyptian. What do you want in your tomb to take to the next world?

  1. You know pharaohs/kings in Egypt and beyond were buried with their favorite processions – things they might need in the afterlife. They even had little clay soldiers made (which would become real in the afterlife) or killed their favorite wait staff so that they would not have to be without the royal butler in the next world. What would you want to be buried with in today’s day and age according to this old- world thinking? I know, everything. That’s no challenge. So, limit the list to 10 things, and ONLY 2 BAGS! Sorry. Had to make it harder.

    And, if you are wondering, you should probably plan for the afterlife you expect. I.E. passengers boarding the train to heaven should anticipate perfect weather, perfumed air and soft breezes. Those going down the garbage shoot to H… you know, should remember sunglasses as it will be quite bright and smoldering. Those going to purgatory should bring reading material.

  2. Oohhh!!

    1. My LV Speedy 30
    2. My wallet (with money & bank cards, so I can buy stuff when I'm in heaven!)
    3. Picture of my mom
    4. Picture of my dad
    5. Picture of my old dog, Bear
    6. Group picture of the rest of my family
    7. Box of Lindt chocolates
    8. My little pillow
    9. My collection of books
    10. My DVD collection, so I could watch them once I buy a TV in heaven :biggrin: lol
  3. Photos of the cats I have owned, my first stuffed teddy bear.

  4. I know what you mean about the cats you have owned, meowgirl. Me too!
  5. 1. kate spade pink satin amanda
    2. Speedy 35
    3. Photos of BF
    4. An article of clothing of BF's
    5. My laptop
    6. BF's iPod
    7. Get Fuzzy comic books
    8. Chocolates
    9. Ramen Noodles
    10. Ring that BF gave me (if I can, I'd bring every piece he gave me)
  6. 1. My bed
    2. A kettle to make lots of cups of tea
    3. Laptop
    4. Photo album
    5. Flip flops
    6. My favourite ring that I wear eveyday
    7. I-pod mini
    8. Binoculars so that I can see whats going on down on earth.
    9. Biscuits to go with my cup of tea.
    10. Toiletry bag with things like perfume, deodrant, cleanser etc
  7. 1. My box of everything-all the letters, cards, pictures, I've gotten since I was little. Also has little mementos in it.
    2. My jewelry-making supplies- I love playing with the beads and wires.
    3. Past Vogue issues. I love looking through them.
    4. A box full of books.
    5. My iPod.
    6. My laptop.
    7. My cello and music books.
    8. My favorite blanket.
    9. My scented candles
    10. My black Coach purse.
  8. everything
  9. My teddy bear, my popincourt haut and guccissima hobo, my wardrobe and shoes.. and some extra shabti to do stuff for me ! :graucho:

    Here's some that I took a picture of at the Louvre !

  10. can I just say, 20 million dollars? hehe.. that should get me everything I want in the next lifetime.. lol lol
  11. My fav pink Marc Jacobs bag
    my wedding rings
    John Irving and Maya Angelou books
    my New Balance tennies
    my dad's ring
    Oh, and a carmel machiato-just because.
  12. hmm.....
    - a couple birkins (need to buy them first!)
    -my dogs (2)
    I'd also kill a couple designers so they could make me clothes and bags in the afterlife! :lol:
    -Karl Lagerfeld
    -John Galliano
    -Marc Jacobs
    -Jil Sander
    -Tom Ford
    -the guy designs Bottega's rtw
  13. well with the clay army, i'll have clay cabana boys to take carry of me..:graucho:

    well hmmm
    my laptop with ipod wire
    dresser with clothes
    book collection
    a nice bottle of scotch or wine.. by the time im reincarnated they should age pretty good. lol..
    my new versace wallet with what i have currently inside.
    the car im going to buy in a couple of months
    my complete jewelry box
    my pups collar if i can't bring him along for the ride
    four leaf clover pendant thing
    autograph collection

    a east west chanel bag
    & mulberry joel

    (hey if im a pharoah I can definetly afford it!)
  14. ^^ cant really think straight, 14 hour work day with nothing to chow down on.
  15. LOVELY! Now that is thinking creatively!! Bravo!