Ok, you ladies have got to tell me - Re: Jobs

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  1. What do you all do for a living that affords you the luxury of being able to own more than one pair of CL's???

    It's like Joan River's "How'd you get so rich" but I wanna know "what you do for a living?":P

    I'm a SAHM so I know that the one pair I'm *planning* on getting when in Vegas will probably be the only pair I ever own.
  2. LOL! I love that question! I was actually wondering too. ;p
  3. Well I guess nobody wants to fess up :smile: I read a book called "Rich Like Them" and it was all about this guy who had research done on the most expensive zip codes in the US and then literally cold called them at their doors, or gates to their homes and asked them what they did to get their success. It was a very interesting book. *sigh* I guess it will remain a mystery.
  4. I'll fess up! I'm currently a law student but I use to do photography professionally. I was able to save and budget so now I'm able to get some of the things on my "want" list. I think it is just a matter of priorities. I'm single and the only debt I have is student loans so I'm able explain little splurges from my savings. Can't wait for the day when my self imposed poverty is over and I'm a full fledged lawyer able to get multiple pairs! (I only have one pair of CLs but MANY pairs of Manolos) Not as glamorous as some people on here but thats my story :biggrin:
  5. I'm a Group Account Director for an ad agency, and owned my own wedding planning business for a while, so for a bit, I did two jobs full time. (Sold it last year, though. Too many bridezillas!!)
  6. I'm a Marketing Director.

    Honestly, I wouldn't say that all the ladies on the CL forum are "rich," by any means. Some people have more disposable income than others and simplly pay cash, some people save for their CL's, some people charge 'em, etc etc... The consensus here is that we all truly love CL's and budget accordingly in order to own the shoes we have. There was a thread not too long ago that asked the question what do you give up in order to fund your CL addiction. You might try reading that thread, it's actually pretty interesting; we're a very diverse group. :P
  7. Hi! I'll share too! I'm an environmental consultant. The pay is not great, but I scrounge, save and budget to fit in one pair of CLs every month (definitely not retail! eBay is my friend). :shame: I thought my first pair was going to be my one and only too, but I seem to have caught the addiction bug that's going around. I also haven't bought any other designer goods for months, I don't even look! My CL love is the only addiction I can afford at the moment. :sweatdrop:
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    Thanks ladies for sharing personal information about yourselves!

    I really enjoy reading about what people do for a living. It motivates me to go further into my profession. I manage a Family business, actually 2 businesses. Both in the construction field, but one is a manufacture. I recently got the CL bug and ever since I have purchased CLs with my hard working money. I also decided to move back with my parents (I used to drive over 150 miles a day), so this also helps me purchase my CLs. :smile:
  9. :goodpost:

    And to answer the question, I'm a poor graduate student LOL!
  10. Aww... I tried to do a search on jobs before I posted but nothing came up. Fund your addiction is a great way to look at it. I'll have to go searching. Thanks!
  11. I'm a school teacher. So absolutely not at CL-friendly income. :biggrin:

    I don't have a car, I've got a cheap apartment, I don't buy designer dresses.
    So yeah... I spent my money on CL's ;)
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    Hmmm... :thinking:

    Let me see if I can find the post for you! :biggrin:

    ETA: So here is a fun thread about the lovely members of this subforum:


    And here is the thread I was referring to! ;)


    I will also say that while many of us do indeed pay full retail for our shoes, eBay is also a great alternative. Not only can you typically find great prices on CL's, but it's also a great way to find older styles that you can no longer buy in store.
  13. Though I've yet to buy my first pair of CLs, I'm currently looking for the perfect ones. I'm an engineering student whose scholarship allows me to work. Hopefully I'll be able to afford a few different pairs once I graduate, but, at the moment, only looking for one. I've saved up and that's how I choose to pay.
  14. That seems like an interesting book. I don't have any CL's but I'm planning to get a pair soon. I'm a student in high school, so I'm saving from the money my beloved family gives me. All the fancy things I own I got from the money they give me (my mum never actually bought me designer items, she doesn't believe in them, she believes in cash :P).
  15. I think jenay said it well - not all of us are "rich" by any means, we just have different priorities for our disposable income. I work at eBay and I make a very, very average wage. But I have a small house payment and small car payment due to some smart investing and where there is a will there is a way!

    Rich Like Them sounds super interesting, I will have to pick it up (at the library so I can save up for more shoes ;) ) I read a report the other day that said that the happiness scale goes up until you reach 75k a year and after that there is no increase in happiness, and I thought to myself... yep, I could afford enough CL's at that income to keep me happy! :P