Ok, you have $500-700 to spend on a bag

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  1. that will last forever and be a total classic. What do you buy?:smile:
  2. [​IMG]

    The Chanel Flap...to me it is the ultimate in classic bags. Chanel is always elegant and will always be a classic!
  3. Oh oops I guess I didn't read the $500-$700...that is just like me to ignore the price tag!!

  4. LOL, I was just sitting here thinking "are they really that cheap???" (I don't know chanel that well, but thought they were more than that!)
  5. I think a LV SPEEDY is a nice classic choice. If you can swing it the Batignolles is in that range (the upper $700) and is a GREAT tote.
  6. Haha no they are not, but like I said..that is just me to ignore the price. But they are a classic!!
  7. You can bye a Louis Vuitton bag,for example LOCKIT or another one in Damier Canvas. . . In my opinion LV are classic and stylish bags at the same time! :cutesy:
  8. Yeah I agree...LV's are amazing as well...

    Decisions decisions!
  9. Definitely LV speedy! I love mine!
  10. I agree with the previous posters....a SPEEDY definitely
  11. LV Speedy, without a doubt.
  12. I would look for some designer bags on sale. During the sales you can get $1500 bags for around $500-600. Just pick out a style that you really like and then use it forever ;).
  13. I love the Speedy too, but I just cannot do arm bags! Are there any other LV in that price range that are roomy shoulder bags? I just bought the neverfull and am not sure I like that it doesn't zip (with kids, things fall out, plus I work in NYC, so hate feeling so open...)
  14. LV speedy, it's my first designer bag!
  15. gucci has many in that price range