ok you enablers... do your thing

  1. do i need a lv cosmetic bag to go in my purse? found a great deal on eBay that ends bidding tomorrow. i mean. idon't need it, but on the what's in your bag thread they look so great when inside accessories match. should i?
  2. Yep - that thread has sparked all kinds of purchases for me, and, I haven't regretted any of them - go for it!
  3. Yes! Matching bag at a great price? Get it!!!
  4. Of course you must!!! Just because YOU don't need it, doesn't mean your LV bag doesn't need it to keep it company. LOL Besides, you'll be so happy every time you open your bag and see another LV accessory. It doesn't matter what line. With LV, EVERYTHING matches!!! :graucho:
  5. One word..........YES!:graucho:
  6. of course you do. but i think you are better off with a mini pochette that could be carried on its own, should you so desire!!!!!!

  7. Yes!!! You have been enabled!!! Go for it!!!
  8. You absolutely NEED it!! LOL!! Get it, get it, get it!!
  9. Get it!! : )
  10. GET IT! The more you have the happier you are! hehe
  11. Can never pass up on a great deal! :biggrin:
  12. I adore my new damier mini pochette; it's useful as both a cosmetics bag and a small clutch purse. Totally worth it. And the red lining is TDF.
  13. if you can get it at a good deal! doesn't hurt to try...if you don't get it at least you didn't say you tried. I always look at good deals and never bid cuz I know they'll go waaaaaay to high and when I look at the ending price it's waaay less than what I would have paid.
  14. Get it!!!
  15. Yes, Yes, Yes!!