Ok, y'all! Need help...how to make work FUN again!!

Jan 20, 2007
I am a new supervisor with a department full of "personal issues" (if I hear that term one more time I am going to YACK)...so I am looking for new and unique ways to bring everyone back together again! So, what are some neat ideas for bringing fun back to work...to uplift everyone's spirits??

Nov 8, 2006
woooo tough one. sorry to hear about that. it can be rough.

you can try a team outing or team building exercises. or going for lunch together or shopping together

but it also depends on why the people are unhappy? is it *****ing with each other, in which case you may have to step in as the authority gal and say, LOOK, put your crap aside and work together....

or has it got to do with fundamental problems of the company? this is more tricky to solve... and there may be one or 2 things you can do tomake it a little better..