Ok why do people bid on coach on ebay and not pay?

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  1. I had like 6-7 people bidding on my coach ergo pleated satchel. Someone won it and I've been contacting her for FOUR DAYS and no response! Tried getting her # from ebay and calling her and no answer! Why bid if you can't afford it? Why waste someone's time. I have a trip to take to a specialist for my son who has medical issues and needed the $ for the trip! How annoying! :cursing::cursing:
  2. ugh some people are just jerks. seriously. if they bid and win they have to pay. Im sorry this happened and that you needed the money for your trip...but i hope things go alright with you son anyways:flowers:
  3. I appreciate that! I just had to vent! I mean why bid if you don't have the $? I guess someone was trying to have champagne taste on a beer budget! I had another I was thinking of selling, but doubt I will now!
  4. This might be moved to the eBay section, since it's eBay related.
  5. Don't let one jerk spoil your ebay fun! You can always do a second chance offer to the nex highest bidder. That way you don't have to relist it. And give the non payer a strike against her.
  6. Yeah but ebay wants me to wait 7 days then open a case, then wait, blah blah blah! I think if you bid, you should contact within 24 hours and let them know when you will make payment if you don't pay right then!
  7. Sometimes people wait til 7 days to make payment. That happens a lot for me when I sell things on ebay. I hate that personally. Because I know they were there the last minute when they bid so I think they should pay immediately or atleast within 3 days. But wait and see she might pay after all
  8. that is dumb sorry it happened to you i don't sell on ebay but i do buy and i always pay right then and there i don't get why ppl do that
  9. oh my god..
    i'm so sorry this happens to you..

    there's always be times like this..
    i had one too.. and now i'm waiting to give her the strike.. just a few more days left to wait.. :rtr:
  10. I agree that non-paying bidders are NOT OK.

    You should definitely try giving a second chance offer to the next highest bidder and see how that works.
  11. I believe that despite our desires, buyers have 7 days to pay. It is vacation season, could it be that the buyer forgot they bid and might be on vaca?

    Yes, there are tons of idiots on eBay, but for sure I would wait the full 7 days and if no answer by that point, make a second offer to the next highest bidder. You are so lucky that you have more than one person interested in the item! Good luck!
  12. Seven Days? That's the minimum time before you can file a NPB case THEN you have to wait another seven days for them to respond (or pay) before you can get credit and relist.

    But how about the ones who use Buy t Now and still don't pay? I just filed a NPB against one tonight!! Now that's ridiculous...
  13. I aways sell using the immediate payment thing ..
  14. I would use the BIN feature with immediate payment to avoid the non-paying bidders. But since ebay has those 5 free auction listings now, sometimes I will just list it as an auction only. In that case I don't get my hopes up that it will actually sell or that the winner will pay. :oh:
  15. I have only had 1 or 2 that didn't pay. no biggie....I just cut my losses and offered it to the second highest bidder.
    Not worth my getting upset over. JMHO