OK, Who's getting orange for Spring?

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  1. Orange appears to be the "it" color for spring/summer '09. Let's see what everyone is getting or thinking about!

    This is the bag I would love :sweatdrop:

    Gucci Jackie

    But this is the bag I am getting Maxx New York
    I really liked the Maxx bag until I saw it next to the Gucci:sad:
  2. I can't do orange,but could go for a peach tone leather bag.
  3. Love orange!
  4. I probably will stay away from orange, even though it appears as though it is the big color for Spring. I had an orange Kate Spade that I thought I would like, but it ended up in the back of my closet many times for other choices, so, I don't think I'll go for orange, but it is a great color.
  5. :nogood: I just can't do it...
  6. I really love orange, but I havent found anything I truly love yet. More pictures in this thread!
  7. I'm pondering an orange bag but I'm not sure I'll ever be able to pull the trigger on one... it would have to be the PERFECT shade of orange for me to even consider it!

    I did however buy a yellow bag :yes:
  8. The Gucci orange is awesome!
  9. I did orange last summer, but I'm ready for something yellow now.
  10. [​IMG]

    here's my small contribution to the color orange! I love the pop of color and am surprised that it can go with so many things. I just love all the colors bags are coming in these days, so much more fun than basic black and brown.:wlae:
  11. ooh, i love orange, too. i would LOVE to get a Balenciaga Arena Giant Envelope Clutch in Manderine...that's the dream, anyway! :heart:

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  12. I love orange and admire anyone who can pull it off. Unfortunately, I am way too conservative for it.

    I will be buying the orange OPI nail color I was pondering for a while.
  13. I would LOVE an orange bag! I think I want a coral color :yes:
  14. love orange, but i dont think id pull the trigger for myself
  15. I saw a picture of Nicole Richie with an orange Hermes Birkin and almost passed out. It was BEAUTIFUL!