Ok.. who won this steal?

  1. omg awesome deal!
  2. Fuzzy pics of the tag, no pics of the bales, I hope if someone from here got it that they got more pics from the seller. A good deal isn't always such a good deal unless you are sure it's authentic.:graucho:
  3. if it is authentic then thats a great deal!
  4. Sure it is, but that's a very big IF. If it's not someone got a very bad deal and from those pictures, I doubt anyone could authenticate that bag. Why would anyone sell a bag that they just paid almost 1500.00 for ... for 1/3 of the price:shrugs: Makes me wonder.
  5. I almost bid on this bag, but I was concerned about the feet on the bags - do GH cities have feet? I know my RH doesn't. Anyway, there wasn't time to ask for more pics, so I didn't risk it - but if it is authentic, then what a deal! If it was a Pfer, I'd love to know how it turns out!
  6. my gsh city doesn't have feet...
  7. The measurements in the listing state the bag is 17" long...a city is 15" so it's def not a city...

    I'm with Powder on this one....
  8. At the very least it's not a City.

    I actually reported this bag

    I hope for the sellers sake I was wrong
  9. This bag does not look authentic to me... I am not an expert, I only own one balenciaga however, it is the motorcycle which I think is also called the city and the first thing I noticed about the eBay link here was the bulk of the hardware on the bag. It looks off as mine does not look this way. The second thing I find "off" is that my bag does not have feet. Mine was purchased from the Balenciaga boutique in NYC by myself so I know it is authentic.. thus why I question this one... I hate seeing fake items out there portrated to be authentic this way. :hysteric:
  10. well, I always start my stuff at $10 and let it go from there. I have sold stuff way under, but most of the time bidding goes up to what it should be. and all of my stuff is authentic. I haven't sold bbags, only bought, but I've sold LV and coach. a lot of my stuff is pretty well used though, and I don't know where I should price it.

    I had this on my watch list but I asked for more pics and never got them. :tdown:
  11. so we think this is a fake? That really sucks. I got a brilliant deal on a seafoam today but under the proviso that if its fake i get my cashola back - ive since had it ok-ed but i still want to know that the seller knows that i am not gonna be happy with a fake-o!:tdown:
  12. Oops I meant buyer, not seller!!
  13. This is definitely not a City. It looks like a part time and the feet on the bottom would measure up. But yeah..why is the shoulder strap wrapped in a plastic bag and like Powder said, WHY would someone sell it that low? I know sometimes sellers like to start low and let the bidding go crazy but hmmm. In all honesty, I would have dismissed this one from the get go.
  14. Fake or not...not as good a deal as the AG Twiggy or First (sorry...didn't look up the serial..) that went for three-hundred and something today about 20 minutes after it was posted. And it WAS authentic!!!