Ok who wants an azur speedy 25? :)

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  1. I have THREE of them in my cart right now..please tell me I can help someone out!!!!!
  2. anyone?
    weird...I thought i'd be makin someone happy!
    headin to bed soon so let me know! :flowers:
  3. I'm waiting for the 30 which they rarely have on there :sad:
  4. yes i've yet to see it on there
    sorry though...good luck in finding it asap!
    I've yet to use mine but it sure is pretty to look at!
  5. lol for free???? courtesy of you? why thank you! i'll take one :biggrin:
  6. :dots:


    i'll trade you for a miroir speedy!
  7. I just sent one back yesterday - felt it was too big for me- don't know when it will show up on the website though plastic still on the handles-
  8. I am tempted - but I want that pretty denim speedy these days.
  9. LOVE the 25 azur... geesh, I'm tempted to take another one... lol...just kidding....
  10. Love the Azur!
  11. Do you still have it in your cart I'm interested.
  12. me me me, I want it.
  13. I KNEW this would happen! grrrr where were you all last night? I went back this morning and they all were taken out...i'm so sorry to tease like that! I'm trying again though but no luck so far tonight
  14. I don't have the 25 but I do have a speedy 30 in azur in my cart.
  15. do you still have that? My cousin has been trying to get one like mine forever!!