Ok who took advantage of the Boston sale?

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  1. List what you bought at the boston sale!

    1. Dark Denim Multipocket
    2. Tote Large Nude, Dark Denim
    3. Tote Med Nude

  2. And don't forget pictures!
  3. Got to wait for Fed EX man for that! :biggrin:
  4. Mine is shipping today.via Fedex....hopefully will get it by Thurs??!.cant wait...MEDIUM NUDE DENIM TOTE...yum..LOL!
  5. You bought 4 bags from the sale? I can't wait to see the pictures-i am soooooooo jealous!
  6. Wow!!!! I can't wait to see!! congrats....:yes:
  7. Denise dont be to jealous I am only keeping two! :smile: I actually bought 5 and I am going to sell the ones I dont want on Ebay. The denim is totally sold out from Marc Jacobs and discontinued. I didnt know which one I wanted so hubby said order the ones I think I want and then sell the rest on ebay.

  8. 1. Multipocket in Nude & Washed Denim

    Actually, the timing's bad for me. I love MJ's leather bags, I was a bit tempted when I saw Leather Multipocket in White at eluxury last night. Sale items from MJ stores are final & I recently bought Blake in Linen (greyish white) so I knew I had to pass. With 70% off, I can't complain! Denim & Multipocket are nice changes/additions for me. =)
  9. I love that multipocket. I only with it was in the large size! :smile:
    Post pictures when you get yours and I will too! :smile:
  10. Will do. The totes (I love totes!) you & Jill bought are nice, I wish there's a smaller one. With my height & frame (5 ft), there aren't too many styles I can carry off. =)
  11. i purchased a perforated white drawsrting bag from them, hopefully it will ship soon! does anyone receive any emails to notify shipment?
  12. here she is!
  13. According to the SA I spoke to yesterday, items get shipped out the same day via 2-day method ($20 S&H fee) -- Monday orders are expected to arrive on Wednesday.
  14. thanks baglover once more! you have been so helpful with this sale! hope you enjoy your bags when they come in!
  15. Isnt bag.lover great!! A nice asset to the PF!!