Ok, WHO is right??

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  1. Can the dear ladies of this forum tell me who is more accurate? I've talked to two stores about crocs, they gave me different answers. Here are what I was told:

    Store 1:
    - When you place a croc order, you cannot specify what type. It's really a matter of what they assign to you. Therefore, it can be niloticus, porosus, or alligator, it's just whatever they have available in the color you want

    Store 2:
    - When you place a croc order, you can specify the type of croc leather. However, you may not get your order at first try (even if they try to place it) because not all leather in a specific color is offered at once.

    I have a feeling that Store 2 is correct. The first explanation made no sense, it made me feel as though the store was just saying that in order to get someone's order out of the waiting list so they can move onto the next order.:confused1:
  2. Hi Kou-
    I just placed my order for a croc and #2 is more accurate. I specified the type of croc and color I wanted with the proviso that it may or may not happen right away since the end product may not be up to the Hermes standards.

    My SA told me that bags in lighter colors are usually harder to order/ takes longer to arrive since a minute mistake in color tint will render the entire bag unsellable whereas there is more leeway with darker colors.
  3. I agree with "all about bags".
    I had an order for Barenia matte croco cancelled and was told the colors in matte that I might order instead, as Barenia was no longer available. I hope this is a temporary unavailability. I will try placing the order again next year or so.
  4. all about bags...so the SA knows about what "can-do" combination ONLY at the podium??

    I've been planning to go to the boutique here in Paris to discuss SO with my SA.. i'm not sure if they will agree to process it since i'm not from Paris.. dunno how it works.. first tim thing :shame:
  5. allaboutbags and golcanda, I had a feeling that was the case. The SCP store was Store 1. Argh, WHY did they give me the wrong info again?
  6. Well you might want to try again. A collier de chien cuff in natural Barenia croc was brought to my attention recently.
  7. Talking about natural Barenia croc, I've been drooling over the one CDL has, and was wondering why it's called that way ? Is it because the color is like natural Barenia, or is the croc processed in the same way ?
  8. ^^^^I was told that's the color.
  9. Kou, When my SA and I were discussing SO before I bought the kelly, she said that if I order braise 25cm birkin in Porosus it may come in niloticus depending on which skin was available to Hermes at the time. She said things according to number 1 scenario! She acted as if it were not in her hands once the color was decided.:shrugs: She said porosus is not necessarily available every year.:shrugs: :shrugs: :shrugs:
    I will get down to the bottom of this in Jan.:confused1:
  10. ^ They're freaking out about Porosus at the moment because of the croc shortage here. It's the cyclones we had - P croc will be scarce for a few years now.
  11. Oh crap!! Does your store have any fuchsia porosus in the back right now? May as well just jump the gun and get it now.
    Damn, there's no way I can pay off 30K in a few months though ...
  12. Are you VERY commited to only that croc? I find that if hermes accepts a "skin" it is in the best of conditions... that is why I do not care "which" croc/alligator I get from them ( and I have examples of each) they all look beautiful!
  13. Well, with Birkins I prefer Niloticus but Porosus will do too. However, with Kellys it will HAVE TO BE porosus only. I feel that Porosus is a more formal croc leather, that's why I want it on a Kelly ... I prefer Kelly more than Birkin, and if Porosus is going to be in shortage for a few years, then I need to get it now before it's too late ...
  14. Well, I hope you do get what you want.!:yes:
  15. When I ordered for my croc birkins, I specified what type and color do I want. Yes, there's no guarantee you may get what you want. For me, I'm comfortable with all types of croc so it does not matter to me much. As long as it's croc, my eyes enlightened, hehe. Maybe that's why my SA loves me.