Ok... who hasn't got a BLACK bag?

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  1. Seems as if black bags are everywhere - but not in my closet. I don't have any black bags (except for the black MC Alma, but that doesn't really count ;))...
    ...am I weird? :confused1: Anyone else who doesn't have a black one?
  2. Nope! You're not alone! I don't currently have a black bag either. I am just always more attracted to browns....I keep thinking I need to add a black bag to my collection just because, but I don't know how much I would use it....

    Funny you asked this, I always though I was weird for not being a big black bag person! ;)
  3. Nope i haven't got one either! Brown's and green's in my closet!!!
  4. I don't have any black bags at all. Neither do I have any black clothes. The only black thing I have is a pair of patent wedges... call me a freak, but I can't stand black. Navy is more my colour.
  5. I don't have one- I don't think I've ever had one. My buddy who is deep into Louis Vuitton said recently "I need a cute black bag- I don't even have one!"

    I've always like LV and Dooney, Coach and Juicy- and if I were to pick a bag color I'd go with burnt orange or pea green. lol~
  6. I don't have many black bags in my collection either ... I have many bags in various shades of brown and beige but I think I only have 3 black bags.
  7. Nope...no black bag here either!
    I find them to be generally quite harsh looking and I havent found a 'soft' looking one that I like yet.

    I usually go for chocolate brown or tan coloured ones.
  8. I don't have one either. I went for an interview and had a black suit but didn't have a black bag to go with the outfit. That's about the only time I wished I had one.
  9. Never really thought about it before, but I don't have one either. Mostly browns in my collection.That sould change soon ...
  10. Well, I thought that I had a black bag when I ordered a Kooba Lena..but then it arrived. I kept trying it on, trying to decide and it just didn't seem right for me for many reasons. I returned it to Saks on Thursday and did get a black bag.. but it's a clutch...a Kooba Mackenzie and I love it. (but now I'd like a real bag, still)
  11. no black for me. I have a zillion brown bags, and two silver ones.
  12. I don't, but I have a few in mind... M by MJ turnlock barrel satchel, possibly.
  13. I love black as I can use the bag for everyday wear.
  14. Talk about coincidence! Just last week I realized that the only black bag I had in Current Rotation is my black NotChanel, which is of course, quite small, and when I went down to see what was in the downstairs closet, all I saw in black was another small one, and a few of my beloved one-of-a-kind embroidered works of art had a black base.

    But a plain black bag big enough to hold a regular stuffload was not to be found!

    I can always count on the Burlington Coat Factory to deliver, and I found a very presentable basic one, a hobo style, not huge, but big enough, with the little Chanel-style chain strap that is my current Bag Element obsession, and two long slim tassels. Other than that it is quite plain.

    I didn't see a label of any kind on it, aside from the chain strap, I have no idea who Inspired it, but it was exactly what I needed, and it cost $11.98!
  15. I didn't have a black bag for a while b/c I'm usually drawn to colors. But then I finally cave and bought one since I thought it be pretty useful during the winter time. Now I'm not using it much since I lent it to my bestfriend to use for work.