Ok who has this bag?

  1. Does anyone have this bag? Please tell me what you think about it. Is it really small or a nice size? Also has anyone seen this purse at an outlet and for how much? Thanks so much.

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    What yall think? Its the CHELSEA SIGNATURE SMALL HOBO, I want it in black on black.
  2. pic?
  3. pur.jpg
  4. I have a large signature hobo but it is the one that goes more up and down instead of your pic which goes left to right... as far as what I can tell you that may be relevant is I love the turnlock, love how light the bag is, the drop, etc. Chelsea is a great bag! :yes:
  5. I have this, but the Large in khaki/brown. It's a really nice bag, easy to get in and out of. I'm not so sure about the small... it looks really cute tho!
  6. I had this in black leather at one time, I could carry a small wallet, planner, sunglasses, and small items in the inside pocket, nice easy small bag. If you don't carry at lot it's great. Bags that measure short i.e., 6" with mutlipurpose slip pockets, with flap/zip closers don't accommodate tall accessories, I like to use slip pockets for sunglasses which are too tall. Consider sizes of bags you own now and how this compares. As far as outlet :shrugs: sorry!

    9 3/8 (L) x 6 (H) x 2 1/4 (W) Price: $198 Style No: 10980