Ok, who got the tan paddy from Durbs Girl (ebay)??

  1. Hopefully someone on this forum. Good for you!! I am so jealous...I kept looking and looking but was too late...
    Looks to be in mint shape and at a good price...
    Keep your eyes open for me girls and let me know if another comes up!
  2. Oh macp6, so sorry you did not get this one (somebody from the US purchased it from the details!)

    I still think there are better ones out there anyway. Her feedback did leave alot to be desired, so just look at it as just not meant to be. Are you in the states, and what are your preferred colours. We will keep an eye out for an authentic one for you :smile:
  3. Thank so much for making me feel better!! I want something classic and that I can wear all year round. I am thinking tan or whiskey...I've seen tan irl and it was amazing. I've never seen the whiskey but I see that some of you have preferred it over the tan. I so appreciate you keeping your eye out for me!!
  4. I agree with Chloe Babe. Not meant to be.

    Buying off Ebay is nerve wracking, IMHO. The instant I hit buy I start worrying about authenticity, bait-and-switch, actual condition of the bag, etc. Better to try and find it at real store if possible. Just not Bluefly :wtf:


    It's my B-Day today and I am hoping for a Chloe surprise tonight!! I might have peeked in my DH's closet and seen a box of Chloe wooden wedges. Hee.
  5. oooh wow! Did you look inside the box and see what colour they were? Happy Birthday hmwe46 :biggrin:
    sounds like your DH is one lovely man ;)
  6. Happy b'day to you!! I like how you say you "might have peeked".:roflmfao: Good DH!
  7. What was wrong with her feedback? :shrugs: I just looked and all she has is one neg. (out of 72) from a seller and she responded to it and everyone else seems very happy with her service.

    Sorry you didn't get the bag Macp6, both tan and whiskey are great, I'm sure another will come along soon.:flowers:
  8. It's possible they are blanc :yes:


    I'll post pics after cake tonight (I HOPE!!)

  9. Happy Birthday, hmwe! Have a lovely time and share pics of any gifts, lol!
  10. Oops, double post.. Something glitchy with my PF connection today.
  11. Durbs is actually a great gal...she used to post on TFS...she is handbag addicted as many of us are...
  12. Thanks so much!

    After much wine and cake, I (finally!) got my new Chloe wooden wedges in blanc!!
    Pics attached!!

    They join my Chocolat wooden wedges and my Mousse paddy.

    chloe.176.sm.JPG chloes.186.sm.JPG
  13. OMG hmwe46 you're so lucky!! I'm so jealous of your mouse paddy! I was watching that same durbs ebay bid as well, but I don't trust eBay auctions either. If I knew the seller was a member of this forum I might have bought it.
  14. Same here!

    Now I am on the hunt for a blanc paddy to match my shoes.

    I bought the chocolat from Bluefly but it was so sickly fake :rant:

  15. Is there lot of difference between the vert gris and the mousse colour? x