Ok, who are your pets?

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  1. jimmy.. that bunny is SO FREAKING ADORABLE! it doesn't even look real!! how big will she get? under 3 lbs?

    lulu i love that teddy looks confused about the turtle lol.. as if he is thinking it MIGHT be a toy.. or might not be.

    xochrissie your yorkie is incredibly cute :nuts: i love when they turn their heads to the side

    sabrina gucci is pretty and i love the middle picture of your pug.. he looks like a little bobble head, lol. pugs are so cute :love:
  2. LOL Tori, Gucci is adorable and very playful, he loves dogs and cats but the cats are scared of him. I just got the Pug like a week ago and him and Gucci are going againts the cats, forming their own little gangs lol it's hilarious..
  3. lol when we got armani that happened.. it was cats vs dogs at that point. snowy has sat on and bitten armani quite a few times and they are best of buds now. little tardos. ;)
  4. LOL aww. I like having both cats and dogs.. It's fun watching them. I've noticed that dogs are way more playful and less scared than the cats and they just wanna play. The cats on the other hand always look like they are planning to kill someone or do something evil I swear!
  5. Cats are evil by nature. Mine are constantly sneaking up on people, batting stuff off of tables, sleeping on clean clothes, etc. I think dogs are just goofy and don't know any better lol
  6. LOL I know right.. I've always said cats are evil and dogs are just these happy creatures that jump around, eat and play :P
  7. we give The Cassie Mae benadryl too, although it's never really made her tired like they said it would. she really only turns pink when she's itchy from allergies, she's been playing too long, or when she sees someone that she hasn't seen in a long time and gets all excited. she actually loves to go to the vet because they all fawn over her - this is an area where you have either a golden retreiver or lab or some kind of tiny dog, they don't get to see something like a bulldog very often.

    awww herc was mean to happy? how sad, i'm glad y'all got that taken care of! we don't have any other pets, but we got The Cassie Mae at 7 weeks so i think she would have been young enough to grow attached to any other pets that we had (her back legs were still so weak that she couldn't stand for very long, let alone bully something!) she's very protective of all of us, i think she'd probably be equally protective of another pet that was there first.
  8. I have a toy American Eskimo named Jasper. I also have a mix breed named Oreo. They are like my children.
  9. What cute pics everyone! I don't have pics at the moment (I'm at work) but I have several pets - we live on a small farm (DH was into this, not me! picture city girl in the country) and have:

    2 cows; 2 horses (dd and I ride); 6 chickens (never wanted these but I've grown to love the fresh eggs -- 1 dog and 1 HUGE 16 lb. kitty named Mr. Bojangles who is the love of my life! He's 2.5 yrs. and snuggles like a baby -- :love:
  10. First of all, thank you for starting this thread, jennifleur! It made my day to see and read about all these beloved pets!

    Jasanna, your dog is precious! I think she kind of looks like a Harrier http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/harrier.htm to me. I love all dogs, and mixed breeds are very dear to me. (We have four of them!)

    Northernbelle33, your bunnies are adorable! I have a rabbit too!

    Three of our dogs are rescue pups; the oldest is a Border Collie/Lab/Spaniel named Shaina who is the boss of all of us. Tekarra is seven, and she is a Belgian Shepherd/Collie/? who is a giant teddy bear. Bella-Luna (my avatar) is Husky/Rottweiller and she is three. She is such a brat! She pretends she is still a little puppy and needs to be lifted onto the bed. Willow is a three year old poodle/cocker cross, and she is the apple of my husband's eye!

    We also have a bunny I brought home from the humane society--her name is Spring, because she is the colour of a wild rabbit in the Spring. (She's a brat too.)
  11. I have two dogs, Dudley and Austin. They are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

    dudley and austin.jpg
  12. Ooooh my gosh!! I'm sitting here at work oooh'ing and aaaah'ing over all these adorable animals! I wish i could squeeze all of them!!! :love:
    I have a huge soft spot for all the little guys! Eh, what am i saying?! My whole self is a big soft spot for cutie animals!

    I think i'll post some pics of Coco. (Also known as nutterbutt, Cocobutt, fluffer, nut, nutbutt, the c.o.c.o. and a conglomaration of all of the above! lol)

    This is her as a teensy babe less than a lb.

    an avatar from when she was a little bigger...

    My babe on her first night home! Look at that face! She looks like she's up to something!

    I love this one cause of her little tongue! She had just come in from the rain.

    Laaaast one! Sorry!
    This is right after she was spayed. We called her CocoCone for those 2 or so weeks. lol.

    Coconut is definitely like my daughter! I could NOT imagine our house without her! My husband was against getting a pup, but i begged him enough. Of course, he totally fell in love with her right away. :love:
  13. I have 2 dogs..Mohogany bushwackerjack (pittbull) & a spoiled-rotten chihuahua my mom had to have named Coco Puff. She's really just to look at b/c she's only 2 pounds.
  14. Habibty your baby pug is so precious! Of course all the animals on here are, including that little bunny! But there's something about pug eyes, little east-west that gets me.:love:
  15. This is awesome--I had to check this thread again to see if any more cuties had been added--and there are more!!! YAY! Keep them coming!