Ok, who are your pets?

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  1. I've noticed that several people have avatars with their doggies or kitties in them. :love:
    So who are they, and what kind are they? Even if you don't have an avatar of them...

    I'll start. Mine's a 6.5lb girl Maltese named Coconut. She's got such personality for such a little pup!
    Any other Malties?
  2. i have a maltese too! in my avatar! she's 6lbs and 8 months old, super cute and very feisty! love her to death!!
  3. Our dog is what you would call Heinz 57. She's a mixture of a lot of dogs. To all the other dog lovers out there, what kinds of breeds do you think she is? HER name is Colt BTW. Yes, a boy's name but my hubby named her when he was younger....and bless her heart, she's 12yo, going to be 13 June 4.

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  4. I don't have any pets. I would love to have a dog someday.
  5. We have two Lowchen's. No one's ever heard of Lowchen, I know. They're small dogs, distantly related to the Bichon and Havanese -- they are non-shedding, good for those with allergies, affectionate, bright, cute, but they bark a lot! Our Teddy is nearly 10, and Ellie his niece) is nearly 7. Lowchen are still rather rare but are becoming better known.
  6. I have five pets. Two dogs ... Pomeranians ... Maggie & Molly. I have three birds. One is a rose-breasted cockatoo named Rosie. I have a Caique named Harley, and I have a Parrotlett named Buddy. Here's a pic of Maggie & Molly.

  7. Can't see your pics Kat?? :blink:
  8. my little yorkie, snickers.

  9. I have two gorgeous rabbits:smile: . I don't even consider them to be pets, I consider them to be my daughters (psycho, I know).

    This is my precious mixed-breed dwarf rabbit, Hailie Jade. She's my first bunny and she's really attached to me. Total momma's girl and a bit of a drama queen. I have had her for four years.:love:

    And this is my purebred black Flemish Giant Rabbit, Dinah Helaine. She acts like a puppy and loves everyone. Total sweetheart. I have had her for two years.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. What cute rabbits!!!!! Makes me all warm and fuzzy!
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  11. Heehee, thanks:smile: . They make me feel warm and fuzzy too (and they themselves are literally warm and fuzzy:P ).
  12. Holy moly that is one huge Flemish rabbit! I never knew rabbits came that big :shame: .
    I have a calico cat, Honie, and a black chihuahua, Taco. Honie's 6 and was a gift from my bf back when we weren't even together yet. My bf's such a sweetie! I saw her at the pet shop (*cringe* yes, I know you're not supposed to buy from pet shops) and said she was cute. The next day she was on my front door! Taco is almost 2 and is the best dog ever!

    I would put pictures up, but they're too dang big to upload and I have no idea how to resize them.
  13. Haha, they actually come bigger:P . Dinah is small compared to some Flemish:P . The bigger ones aren't as healthy though, so I'm happy with her size:smile: .
  14. I have 3 dogs, a turtle, a rabbit, and a bird.

    The dogs are 2 Tibetan Mastiffs and 1 Jack Russell Terrier. The little one is my favorite though!

    My chinchilla recently died, though. :sad:

    I'll have to hunt down some pictures...
  15. I'm sorry about your chinchilla :sad: Someone I knew in high school had one, it was so cute. I remember her being so upset when it died :sad:

    I have two kitties, Fat Mike and El Jefe. I've posted pictures of them before, but what the heck, they're cute :P

    Fat Mike is on the left, El Jefe on the right.

    FatMikeMarch06.jpg ElJefeMarch06.jpg