ok, which 'wristlet' do you think I got?

  1. I ordered a large Carly--which is on it's way. When I spoke with the SA over the phone, I asked which 'wristet' matched the Carly--on-line everything was only black. so she started explaining to me that there was one that matched, that it was bigger, said something about duffles, but that yes, they had one that matched and it would be on it's way. ok. so my total was something like $804.

    here's what I bought: large Carly--$298.50
    med. Carly--$261.00
    swingpack ---$ 98.00

    Total without 'wristlet'-- $657.50

    now if my total came to $804, that mean that I spent $146.50 after my discount on something--what do you think it possibly could be? I only wanted a wristlet...what could cost that much? :confused1: LOL!

    experts--do yer thing! :p

  2. remember to add in the tax too though...
  3. ah, yes, the tax...forgot about that little tidbit! I'm still trying to figure it out, lol! I guess I'll have to wait until I get the shipping notice for that--then deduct all prices until I find out what I actually paid for in tax for everything, but hey, by that time I'll know what I actually bought! :nuts:

  4. They have Carly wristlets. That is probably what you are getting.
  5. Can't wait to see pics. I am looking for some type of beauty case for the Carly but I really want a less expensive one, I didn't see much at the outlets last weekend. I have a couple of wristlets but want something a little bigger. Right now I am using the black sig stripe case which clashes with my khaki/saddle carly and its driving me nuts.
  6. i'm thinking the carly wristlet, but with PCE and tax I don't think it rounds out. let us know (through pics ;) )
  7. The carly wristlet is $128....after the discount it's $96....I'm sure your tax isn't as high as TN's (9.25%...your stuff would come to like $824 here) so that sounds about right. Can't wait to see all your goodies!!
  8. 9.25% tax? Yikes! I thought our 7% tax was high! (but the great thing about PA is that that doesn't apply to clothes! :yes: )

    You probably got the Carly wristlet. It's huge and really cute!