ok....which one?

  1. I'm looking for a casual shoulder bag to wear with jeans and casual clothes. Do you guys like the Damier Saleya MM or the BH. :smile:
  2. I like it!:yes:
  3. I like the Damier Saleya MM a lot more than the BH.
  4. Bh!
  5. Both would look great but I would go for the Saleya, as then I wouldn't have to worry about the items in the bag falling out.
  6. Bh!
  7. BH is perfect for everyday!
  8. I like the Saleya best
  9. I would say the BH
  10. depends on which shape you like the most, Damier is so worry free and with good care, it won't easy reveal the age of it. BH is easy access, more ideal shape for a tote IMO, longer straps=more comfort, but u'd have to deal w/patina and open top. If you can wait til June, Neverfull would also be a good tote to consider :graucho:
  11. 1 vote for BH
  12. BH is great for everyday. I grab that bag most often for casual days.
  13. I only have the BH but plan on getting the Saleya so have thought about this a lot ;) I think the BH seems easier to use, but would totally use the Saleya for rainy days, etc.

  14. me too :smile:
  15. Both are great, but I think that the Saleya MM is a little nicer.