OK, WHERE do TJMaxx and Marshalls get their bags?

  1. I'm just totally confused! Today I was there looking for some PJs for the kids (I had to go to the cake supply store and TJMaxx is right next door - can never resist a peek inside!) and they had some very interesting bags. I wrote them all down to see. These were all Italian made, all priced between $170 and $350 in TJMaxx. They sell NOWHERE in the US as far as I can see and you can see a smattering of their bags going for NOTHING on eBay which is a shame and also is alerting me to some new designers I might get hooked on for cheap!

    So, I have to ask myself, WHERE did these bags come from? Anyone know? Do they actually bring leftovers from Italy? I've been to most major dept. stores and I don't see them either!
  2. Berry, I'm not entirely sure about these. But I have worked for a company that has sold of excess stock to stores like TJMaxx in other countries, so as not to devalue the brand in their originating country. Could you name any of the brands? We might be able to figure out where they've come from that way!
  3. OK, here are ones I have written down:

    Renato Angi
    Marco Buggiani
    Gianni Chiarini
    Roberta Gandolfi
    Falor Italia Le Borsa
    Plinio Visona

    Some of these are better quality than others, but I can't find ANYTHING on these bags in the US!
  4. That's a great question....I never really thought about it but it does make you wonder. Unless they have some types of contracts with close out stores in Italy and so on.
  5. Discount stores and outlet malls aren't that common in continental Europe - some brands do have their own stand alone outlet stores but these brands don't sound familiar to me and I lived in Europe all my life (as well as having some Italian bag making clients) so I can't imagine them being large enough to have their own stores.

  6. Well, Renalto Angi has their own website and has several stores in Italy (or at least sells in several stores in Italy) - this one I was able to find.

    Where did you grow up in Europe? My husband is from Zagreb. We used to live in Chicago too! (DH studied at the Univ. of Chicago for awhile and then worked in the city).
  7. Regarding Plino Visona, there was a $600+ Plinio Visona bag in last month's Lucky that I fell in love with (grey patent boxy satchel). I posted about it here but didn't get any responses, as I doubt anyone has come across it yet. It noted in the mag that it's available at Verve, in NYC, and I've mean to pop over to take a look but haven't had a chance.

  8. They carry this handbag maker at Loehmanns,:rolleyes: too.
  9. I'm from the UK but I spent the last decade living in Holland. I looked at Renato Angi's site, it looked like they only sold in 4 stores in Italy, 2 in Japan, 1 in Greece, and in some other countries.
    I mean they are probably high end bags, if you are looking for quality you've quite likely got it with these. They just don't always have a place to sell them off in Italy (they must not know about Yoox!).
  10. The one at the store is a two handle tote in a weave. It has a middle section too and it was white, so... sorry, I can't say I saw the one you liked!

    I bet they do get bags that don't make it in Europe for the season which is good for us! The plino Visona was on clearance for $250 and it was originally over $700 I think and it's pristine. Maybe they send more of these to the bigger cities than to smaller cities? Just withing 10 miles of me there are like 6 Marshalls and about the same number of TJMaxx stores... It's insane! It's also why I NEVER go to the mall. I buy almost everythign there - kid's clothes (for the older one as the toddler I can still find great stuff on consignment), kitchen supply stuff and handbags. Oh, and clothes for me. I can't imagine paying full retail when I know if I wait a season, it'll be at least 50% off. I just picked up two GREAT coats - one is a Michael Kors and the other is some no name, but made really well and to find coats that fit a plus size frame is RARE.
  11. I found this brand at Zappos.com: Plino Visona
  12. I found a great Marco Buggiani bag in Winners, which is the canadian version of TJ Maxx..so mysterious. I havent been able to find anything on them!
  13. I thought they just sold past season merchandise? I have seen some no name stuff, but also Dooney & Bourke, Kors by Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, etc.
  14. I read on a different thread that some people have found Marni bags at TJMaxx!