Ok, what's the trick with the bedford ...?

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  1. So Ladies, lately I've been taking out my new bedford and it sure is an attention-getter :sweatdrop:

    BUT whenever I wear it all the things inside just roll over to one end of the bag and keep pulling that one down. What am I doing wrong? :P

    lol, is there anyway around that? Do I have to stuff my bag with more items so it won't happen? Am I crazy for even noticing? Questions over question .... :confused1:
  2. i don't own a bedford, but what i do is i try to lay everything in my purse flat, or in a way that it can't roll to the other end. or, it could also be the way that you carry it. do you kinda wear it behind your arm, when it's on your shoulder? that could pull all the stuff to the front end, if that's what the problem is...
  3. My Papillon does that too. I think it's just how it is. Little compartments / smaller bags for organizing small items helps. I use a pen case, makeup bag, etc. But they do slide. It's still adorable!
  4. My stuff doesn't really slide around much, I just put my PTI and makeup bag in the middle, then besides it, I put my little things (keycase, purell, coin purse etc.).
  5. my pap does the same thing if there is not much inside but not too bad if it's fuller
  6. My pap works best if it's full.
  7. My Papillon is stuffed full with a wallet and 2 mini bags as well as keys so maybe that's why nothing rolls around?
  8. i wear my gold pap as hand held to keep things stay put, whenever i wear it shoulder style, things shifts around. not sure if purseket would solve the problem?
  9. Stuff it full, things don't slide around... and then enjoy the drools...
  10. I have the same thing with my papillon too, unless I stuff it.
  11. I wear it as a handbag :shrugs: and it's pretty stuffed: I usually carry that huge Whist Wallet, my agenda, my Sidekick, my cell phone, a make-up pouch and my cles. I always have at least 2 layers of things in their. lol. I guess I'll just have to get used to it. :sweatdrop: That baby sure gets a lot of stares :graucho: