OK ! Whats The Story ??

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  1. A lot of you Ladies have great, funny & creative member names.
    whats the story behind It ? Some names are more evident than others,but still I would like to know, and share how you came up with your member name.

    Mine did not take a schcolarship as you can see, I simply love Prada and the logo ,& I just like the way meadow sounded after it.

    So !

    Whats The Story Behind Your Name ?
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  2. My boyfriend says I am his mini me. He also says I look like minnie mouse. He teases me, and he made up the name for me.
  3. I have always love the movie, "Gone With The Wind" and the color scarlett.
  4. Jewish American Princess for alllll of my life :smile:
  5. I took it from the name of a deck of my favourite cruise ship - the Vista Deck.

    I also used the name for many years on my character in the on-line game Everquest.
  6. Well, my name is really supposed to be "Wicked As Sin"--which is hillarious b/c I'm sooooooooo not wicked. I'm your proverbial "nice girl."
  7. hehehe, well mines one of the obvious ones.... :amuse:

    my name is helen

    and i live in NZ = New Zealand...

    i couldn't think of a better nickname - oh well, no worries!!!!!
  8. didn't give it much thought ... obviously .... lol.... my name is Kathleen.
  9. ha ha, mine is tricky (sarcasim)... i saw purse blog... and i thought... wow i really like coach bags... genius!
  10. lovin " wicked as sin"!!
  11. Mine's probably a given, but I'm a Mommy of 3 and trying hard to remain Swanky despite my domesticity!
  12. Kathrina + Rose -> my name = kathyrose
  13. Love the movie serendipity and 3 family members have the same initials kb.
  14. Well jasanna is a combination of my name and my husband's, Adrianna and Jason. Then the 143 stands for "I love you." Each number stands for how many letters in each word.
  15. Maybe I'm "wicked as sin" when it comes to purses? lol