Ok what's the secret to getting invited to LV parties?

I think you need to establish a relationship with an SA - always try to buy from the same one.... I always do plus I visit every once in a while to say hi to my SA. Plus I buy stuff - purses, accessory bags, etc. My SA is great!!! I sent her manager a complimentary note about my SA for her great service for the first time that she helped me!
DH got invited to the cocktail party in LV next Tues. He just had them shipped a bag to our house because they didn't have it in store. I so want to go, but we live in LA and I can't take days off to go there. I was so shocked that he got invited since he only bought two bags this year and only one of them were from that boutique. I think maybe DH got invited just because they had our address. Who knows.

The easiest way to get invited is possibly getting to know a SA. Otherwise you have to spend, spend, spend.
Spend lots of money and build a relationship with an SA

ITA!! And my store has SAs going in and out all the time so I think between my mom and I, we know and have dealt with just about all of them. Though there are a couple I won't deal with, just on principle. I used to have an English class with one of the girls and before she knew I shopped at LV, she was always making these faces at my bags when I'd come into class with one. Now she sees me in there all the time lol.
I think the key is spending money, visiting often, and building a friendly relationship with your SA. I started buying LV a little over a month and a half ago, but I visit often and buy often so I've had a chance to build a relationship with my SA. I'm not a VIC(haven't received any gifts), but I have been invited to the upcoming cocktail party and will be invited to all the future ones(or so says my SA). I think it helps if you show that you are familiar and very enthusiastic about the products. :yes: