Ok, what's going on? Where are the Nimbus PMs?!

  1. It's mid-afternoon on the mainland... WHERE ARE ALL THE NEW NIMBUS PMS?! I was sure I'd wake up to pictures! It's still early morning here (too early for boutiques to be open) and I'm going nuts in anticipation!!!
  2. LOL --- I'm waiting for pics, too!!! And I'm also waiting for my SA to call me. She said she would call me when she came in to work today to let me know I can pick up my Nimbus PM. So I have been waiting, waiting, waiting! Grrrrr! LOL

    In the meantime, somebody post pics!! We're all hungry for pics!
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao:I have been WAITING all damn day! Come on gals!!!! LOL!
  4. My store doesn't even open for another half an hour, and it's an hour away. :sad: I need to call and make sure they A) have them, B) they're releasing them and C) they have one for me before I make the trip.
  5. Em when did you WL?
  6. I have been waiting ALL day for some pictures to drool over!
    My boutique hasnt got any yet :sad:!
    It's 8pm here , Come on people i want some pictures!!:hysteric:
    But they had some GORGOUS pictures of the Nimbus at the boutique and they are STUNNING!
  7. A few days ago, but Ginger said the list was totally open.
  8. boo then you should have definitely gotten a call!!! crossing my fingers for you! :smile:
  9. I'm going to check the color today.
    I know they don't have mine today.
    But I'll carry the money today.

  10. I'm waiting for pics too!! I've been waiting since 12 AM last night! Where's Shopalicious?!

    I called the Canadian customer service today, they said none of the Nimbuses have arrived in Canada yet!
  11. Ugh, I just called my LV. My SA isn't in until 1pm today, but the girl on the phone said they aren't releasing them today! Of course, she could be full of it. Why can they never get their acts together for releases?
  12. Mine are all sitting in their boxes at the boutique waiting to be shipped. But since Monday is a holiday, they won't ship out until Tuesday, and I won't get them until Weds. I don't know if I can wait that long.

    EDIT - Have Perle in GM & PM, and Anthracite PM coming. Need to see both sizes IRL before I can make a final decision. Don't have LV close by, so have to shop over the phone.
  13. AAGH! Tell your SA to take modeling pics, LOL!

    I'm like a rabid animal right now. I can't even function... just keep clicking refresh on tPF waiting for a picture, news, anything.

    EDIT - I even keep checking eBay!!! ROFL
  14. How funny, I just opened my eBay screen and was about to check too!
  15. Let me know if it pops up on eBay!! I'm also checking the Japanese rakuten site for the bag...

    I think on Tuesday I'll call the three stores that I'm waitlisted at and see what's going on.