ok what would YOU choose

  1. White city balenciaga?


    ivory stam?
  2. the balenciaga
  3. Oooh, that's a tough one.. I would probably go for the Balenciaga..
  4. hmmmm why is that? any particular reason?

    and what about the stam in brown?
  5. I don't like the Stam bags - I think they look like vintage old lady bags (sorry, to anyone who ones one); it is just MHO based on my personal taste.

    I would definitley go with a balenciaga bag if that is on the list.
  6. Stam! The new shiny hardware is elegant! I have two...taupe and just got the black! Love them!!
  7. Balenciaga.
  8. balenciaga, i'm not big on the stam
  9. Definetly without a doubt the stam
  10. i think i'd go with the stam even though i generally adore balenciaga in any color, a couple of posters have not been impressed with the durability of light-colored b-bags.
  11. Stam, without any regret at all.
  12. :biggrin: hehehe, once again i have no idea what stam is so i'm gonna put my vote in for Balenciaga!
  13. As much as I like the Stam, I think the Balenciaga has more staying power, so I would choose the Balenciaga.
  14. Here's some photos of my stams.
  15. Greenie, thanks for that! :amuse: