Ok...what kind of refund to ask seller who sent me

  1. the yellow epi with the strong cigarette odor and the additonal scuff marks +faded hardware that he didn't describe in the ebay listing at all.

    The bag was $400.

    What would be an appropriate amount? :shrugs:
  2. All of it!
  3. I'd send it back and ask for a full refund!
  4. I would definately ask for a full refund!
  5. Refund it :yes: Ewww...cigarettes :throwup:
  6. If you don't want it send it back! As an ebay seller if I misrepresent something inadvertedly I will usually just tell the person to send it back for a full refund and will reimburse for shipping (although sellers are not required to)
  7. I think you deserve a refund for the full amount. He/she should've mentioned the faults/smell in their auction.:throwup:
  8. Definitely for the full amount!
  9. Good luck, I hope everything will go smoothly..
  10. Bleh....well I want to keep the bag. I've been looking for a yellow epi.

    I think I'll try Febrezing?

    He said he'll refund me a 100 on it for the discrepencies.
  11. screw that he should refund you the full amount....you won't be able to get the nasty stench of cigarettes out of leather
  12. Since you like the bag, I think a $100 refund is generous. The seller is trying to be fair.
  13. ^^^ I agree.:yes:
  14. ^Yeah I do agree. I was just dissapointed with the smell and the additional stuff he didn't mention. Although, I think it was unintentional :shame:
  15. ^^^ agree too..