ok what do you think about this???

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  1. hi all

    now i have a year old very friendly jack russell, i was coming back from a walk and was unlocking my door when the lady from next door come out with her baby in here arms, my dog slipped his coller and saw the lady and when running over to say hello, he then realsised he was free and made a run for it past the lady, as he went to run past the lady she screamed and jumped back and then started kicking him in the head and ribs, i shouted in horror at her:cursing: calling her all the names under the sun.
    he then ran off up the road in fright i managed to get him to come back and picked him up but he seemed ok, when walking back my door past the lady here husband said to me "what did you expect to do she had our baby in her arms!!!" i replied that he wouldnt of hurt either of you hes just friendly, whats more i dont think he had a chance to jump up???
    the lady then said im sorry he just scared me!!
    what gets me is that he never barked or growled he just run past her!!!??
    what i right to be angry??!!!! and its not as if hes a really big scary dog???
    im just stunned by the whole thing!!!:confused1:
  2. She shouldn't have kicked your dog.

    But I guess I can see her point. If you were holding your child and a dog comes running up towards you, your first instict would be to protect your child, right?
  3. oh my goodness... i think i would be so upset and confused if i were you :confused1: you have every right to feel like that!

    i don't have a child so i can't speak from experience, but if a little dog just RAN past me, i would not have freaked out like that. if he's such a little dog how would he have hurt the baby anyway if she was holding him up high?! i guess it was just her instinct, but still. i could understand if you had a bigger dog such as a lab or a pitbull, but there's no excuse for it.

    did she really hurt your pup, or just scare him?? if she really hurt him that's another story, but if he's just scared i would just leave it alone. the lady apologized so i think she knows that she handled it poorly. if both you and your dog are ok, i would just let it go and maybe it will work itself out. i'm sorry this happened to you!
  4. I apologize. I forgot that he's not a big dog.

    She should NOT have kicked your dog. If she were worried, she should have taken the baby back inside.
  5. I think she over reacted. How could she kick your dog if he just ran by?? I know if a dog ran up to me and I was holding a child I would protect the child but only if the dog was in some way aggressive. She shouldn't have touched your dog unless he came after her.
  6. thanks ladies
    it was a very strange situation.
    thankfully my little man is ok he was a bit scared and shaky when i got him back!
    i understand she was protecting her baby but hes a tiny dog, i can only think maybe she has had a bad experience with a dog,
    she said sorry and i even said sorry for scaring her, im sure it will sort its self out!
  7. its a tough situation...u can blame the lady...but its a small dog too... i think the lady overreacted..:yes:
  8. She could've handled it better by turning her back to the dog...Instead of kicking it. Kicking should've only happened as a last result- if there was barking and jumping...But maybe she did get really scared. IDk. Was the husband also there because- then there really shouldn't have been such a reaction.

    Because I'm sure he would've reacted to the dog attacking. With the both of them and you there- there really wasn't a threat warranted for such a reaction IMO
  9. yes the husband was just standing there!
  10. I don't get it. If he just "ran past her" how did she have time to kick him in the head and the ribs?
  11. I'm sorry she reacted this way. It's unfortunate that she kicked your dog. The only thing I can say is that we all need to remember not everyone loves pets as much as we do. A lot of people are afraid of dogs, even small ones. The other possibility is that her maternal instinct was triggered and she just freaked and didn't know what to do. I am glad to hear that things seem to be worked out now.
  12. ^^^my house is like the corner with a little ally way, on numerous occations hes got out and he runs straight down there... like the naughty dog he is,he slipped his coller and realised he was free went to ran down there however the husband was standing there turned around to to get kicked as the lady was standing right there and were talking more like stamped on and then he ran off. she oviously thought he was a threat.
    ive never seen anyone react like she did!
    she didnt do it out of nastiness it was genuine fear..... but hes only little!!!
  13. i think the maternal instinct took over, obviously there is a slight fear there to begin with!!
  14. lady was way out of line. paranoid mean lady!!
  15. Wow, you handled that situation very well. Thankfully your dog is okay and didn't get run over by a car since he fled to the road in fear because of that woman.:cursing:
    Honestly, I can't even type what my reaction would have been towards that woman. I applaud your restraint.