OK, What do you guys know about this store?

  1. www.searlenyc.com??

    There's a lot of nice bags on there for nice prices too.

    I'm so frustrated, somebody help me get a new black bag quick!!
    The Horsebit Hobo is about to seriously get cancelled.
    I'm looking at - Speedy 25 in Black Epi
    - Black city B-Bag

    But now, I see the Kooba Sienna and I'm in love

  2. searle is legit for sure
  3. They're legit. You can see them occassionally on TLC's "What Not To Wear." :P
  4. OT..I love what not to wear!!!!!!!!!!
  5. they are legit but they over charge retail by 10-20% which pisses me off. I would not buy from them just because of that.
  6. I agree, they tend to over-charge. It is legit, though.
  7. Searle can overcharge but their selection is great and their own line of things is beautiful. Its a regular stop of mine when I'm out and about in NYC.
  8. Definitely legit....it's a nice store, but I have to agree with everyone that they do overcharge a bit. Nonetheless, if they have something you really like, and can't find elsewhere, it's definitely a reliable place to consider.
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