Ok, what do you do when you...

  1. ...are supposed to be in a ban, been in it for quite a while, doing pretty good, and now you are seriously itching to get an LV fix..!? Seriously, it's REALLY been quite long since I last get something LV (I've been a good girl :blush:). It's hard, trust me, :rolleyes: especially hanging out around here most of the time, looking at people's LV shopping spree, etc, I'll say I'm pretty pleased that I can stay this long in a ban but now, I'm REALLY itching to get something, like ANYTHING LV..! But... I'm afraid that I'll regret it after I break my ban. Anyone felt that way before? What do I do? How do I ignore the itch? Help..! :sad: :sweatdrop:
  2. Ummmm I can't help...I have been bad lately..BUT I have to stick to my ban NOW! SERIOUSLY! I have no $$$ to spend and actually owe DH..So keep your ban! You can do it!
  3. ARe you waiting for another bag that is going to be released soon? Maybe if you have a target item in mind, you can focus on that....if not, well.....you could get something like a charm or scarf??
  4. Yes, stay on the ban the guilt is not worth it! LV will wait for you! It is much harder to be on a ban than to spend so be proud of that and stick to your guns, you can do it! hugs!
  5. Lol... I know, saw your gorgeous Beverly and Sophie! I guess those cuties are really distracting and irresistible, huh? :p
  6. Actually, the one and only bag I really really really want at the moment is a Stratus in Ecru! But... it is really off my budget at the moment :blush: and I am actually put myself on a ban coz I have some traveling plans end of the year. It is something that I have been wanting to do for so long, so I will have to save for that. But since I don't have a target LV wise, it's really hard to focus at times. :sad:

    Yea, I did think of getting something small, like a cardholder or something, but I'm afraid I'll regret it later coz I may be getting it just for the sake of getting it, like an impulsive purchase, KWIM? :sweatdrop:

    Well, thanks anyway for letting me vent anyway. :p
  7. Oh I wish I could help...but I have not ever been on an LV ban...now if you said you were trying to drop 10 pounds I could be all the support you need! I always say everything in moderation.
  8. *hugs* Thank you! Btw, love your signature! Must. resist. temptation. Lol...
  9. Well, you do want a "biggie"...that can put a dent in an account! I think you should get something small just to hold yourself over and to give you that boost to keep going. I say a small piece that would coordinate with the Stratus.
  10. What? Never been on an LV ban at all?! I'm envious of you! Can we trade places? Lol... It must be great to be able to buy whenever you want. :tup:

    p.s- If I drop another 10 pounds, I can only shop in kids department, not like I can't do that right now. :blush: :push:
  11. Well, if you are dying for an LV fix and can't stay on your ban, getting something small might not be so bad right? Sorry, I'm not a very good influence, I am trying the ban thing myself but I have not ruled out cute little accessories!
  12. Yea, those cute accessories are really hard to resist..! But few small pieces can add up to a bag. :push: I think I'm driving myself crazy. :sweatdrop:
  13. Stay out of the LV boutique. It's a surefire way to enforce the ban. OTOH, my SA keeps calling me and trying to tempt me with LE items. But I've stuck to my ban. Seeing the fall/winter bags really helped me to keep my eyes on the prize. If you don't need a little something from LV, don't spend the money. Print out a picture of the Stratus and put it on your calendar, crossing off the days. This should help.
  14. Print out what you've spent so far and if it's on the high side for you maybe it'll keep you out of the store. :idea:
  15. Lol... But I don't think I'll ever get the Stratus! I don't think I'll able to cope with the guilt. At the moment, I'm sticking to bags below $1000-1200. And by the time I think I'm ready for a $2500 bag, it will be all gone. :push: So yea, I'll be realistic and just keep it in my dreams. I'm sure LV will have better bags in the future when I'm ready to splurge that much.