Ok.....what did YOU do today????

  1. hmmmmm??????

    I actually did some work for a change today at the office....and I'd like to say I spent some time in serious reflection on the nature and psychology of the human being but instead.............. I was SHOPPING ON-LINE!!!!!! :nuts:

    So....what did YOU do today??????
  2. I actually worked. Now I'm way ahead of schedule which means I'll have nothing to do tomorrow.
  3. i went to target and bought the 2nd season of grey's anatomy.. watched several episodes.. yeah, tomorrow, i plan on doing my dissertation.. i think i had way too much break now..
  4. DH and I are also watching Grey's on DVD. Spent today shopping and lunching with my mom who is visiting us from LA, hiking with her, and taking DD to the park. And as soon as I hit home, I kept refreshing my screen to see if our forum was back up and running! OH, and muy importante--I forgot to add that I purchased a TMX Elmo for DD (she LOVES Elmo or Mo-Mo as she calls him) on eBay--apparently my local Toys R'Us ran out within 2 hours this morning--was not going to be left spending $$$$ on it around Christmas time!
  5. I spent some time updating every blinking software on my PC, including upgrading to iTunes 7.:roflmfao: Then, did every blinking anti-trojan, anti-spyware, anti-adware scan. Yup, veeery interesting day for SerenitySue.:P
  6. I actually did homework, and I am not behind in my readings!!! Also shopped online! Mom's birthday is coming up soon, so started to buy gifts.
  7. Played with Paint Shop Pro, chores, errands and caught up on my soap operas :lol:
  8. Put up a new scanner and dug into my French lessons. I'm becoming conversational in food and leathers, and not much else.
  9. and if you and Baggs start speaking French to me next week HG I'm going to throw my Kelly Elan at you both!

    .....what's a "leathes" though?
  10. OH, throw that Elan at meee!!! :lol:

    I'm just guessing but I think it's "leathers". HG, yes?
  11. I'm thinking it's some kind of FRENCH word.....
  12. Fixed! Merci!
  13. refresh.....refresh.....refresh...so sad.....
  14. I did dishes..laundry..cleaned kitchen a little..killed 2 mosquitos..
  15. this is somewhat Hermes releated,

    I went to my Tennis Class today, and a woman there who I've alway seen started to strike up a conversation with me about where I'm going to college, I tell her Parsons and for Fashion. she kinda flipped out and started telling me how it cool it was...and then the topic went from skinny pants and thick belts to Hermes bags...and she told me how she went to Spain and how badly she wanted a Blue jean Birkin in chevre, or Fjord....something embossed...anyways..kinda fun to see how the bags go so far...