Ok, what day exactly is the price increase on leather in US? Monday or Tuesday?

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  1. Sorry if this was asked before, but I need some clarity. I am sure I am not the only one.
  2. I talked to my SA yesterday and she told me the leather goods go up on August 11.....she mentioned other dates through out Aug. for small leather goods, jewelry & belts but I was driving and couldn't write it all down! Hope this helps and hopefully there won't continue to be contradictions as others begin to report in on what they have been told!
  3. My SA said leather goods will go up on Monday.
  4. Just spoke with an SA this morning, and was told Monday
  5. And we don't have a % with the leather do we at this point. I got lucky, a couple of my orders just came in under the wire.:sweatdrop:
  6. 8%, I believe!!
  7. My SA told me it's effective August 11.
  8. My SA said 8% too!
  9. I had been told 8% as well, effective the 11th. Rats!
  10. does the increase on the 11th effect small leather goods (ie, kelly wallet)?
  11. I heard 8% on all leather goods.
  12. Does anyone know for sure the new price of a togo/clemence 30 and 35 birkin? 8% would be $8300 and $9000, although someone on this board recently said the new prices were $8500 and $9100. That would be more like 11% and 9.5% respectively. Anybody know for sure?