Ok- What Bag Is This???

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  1. Does anyone know what bag LL is carrying in this photo?? I have been trying to figure out for the longest time!!!!
    Thanks in advance :smile:

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  2. That is the Balenciaga striped Damask City in fabric. Not available any more but they show up once in a while on ebay or overstock.com.:smile:
  3. Balenciaga City.
  4. This is Balenciaga City bag which was made a year or two ago. I don't think Balenciaga is making this pattern anymore.
  5. Look, Nicky Hilton has the same one too! If the link below doesn't work, please look under the Purse Blog, select and click Balenciaga bags at the left side. Read further down the blog and you should be able to see the pic on the Hilton sisters walking together.
  6. Thank You All So Very Much !