ok what are your wardrobe essentials for autumn?

  1. i was thinking about this thread in the shower this morning - sad i know! basically what are you ladies wearing/planning to buy for your look this autumn to complement any Hermes you have?
    i'm settling on v classic - skinny black pants from GAP, black ballet pumps, skinny cashmere jumper or fitted white shirt. variety of Hermes scarves. Sandrine black box or Kelly vintage in Rouge or black. also - fitted black shift dress, ferragamo slingback shoes, Hermes scarf. or jeans, pea coat and white T or breton striped T and my toile herbag. i also have a great vintage 1950's shawl collar coat i picked up in a thrift store for £10 for that 50s look. interested in how anyone else puts their look together to complement Hermes stuff! oh, jewellery -lots of pearls. x
  2. I'm on a total shopping ban right now since I'm unloading my stuff to fund the Bolide (don't want to touch my CD since that's reserved for the Birkin and Kelly) ... My work's dresscode is business casual so I have enough dress shirts to take care of the necessities. On the weekend I just wear baby tees and I have a lot of that as well. Since I don't go out much and the only ppl who see me are my family, I don't have to worry much about buying new wardrobe.
  3. Prada, for me it's black black black (plus the obligatory H scarf). Shopping here is so dire but I will be in the UK next week (yay!) to do some shopping. Other than H in Manchester I will be getting new prescription glasses and sunglasses, clothes and shoes for the kids (usually Next, Zara and so on). I usually buy lots of stuff at Monsoon but when I was at Monsoon Trafford C in January there was so much angora around I got quite ill (I am extremely allergic to angora, how cruel is that?!) Please tell me the angora trend has gone away since winter?
    For myself, probably go to Selfridges and pick up boots, bags, shoes there - black again, of course.
    I am fashion-retarded but making a concerted effort; wearing narrower cut jeans now! I am (and always have been) liable to be arrested by the fashion police at any given moment. Usually I'm about 10 years behind the trend. If I increase that to 20 I'd be positively trendy (where did I put all those black leggings from 1988?!)
  4. My usual uniform: black pants, black shoes, cashmere sweaters with matching wraps. Of course, the ubiquitous Hermes scarf, belt, and cuff or bracelet. And one of my Garden Partys, natch.
  5. Well, it's Spring here...I just bought two new bikinis (red), a Blumarine silk babydoll top,kate spade wedges and some DvF. My essentials for this Summer will be white trousers, jeans and capris, silk dresses, sarongs and THONGS (flip-flops)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. anything tweed, houndstooth, plaid. items accented with fur. belted military style coats. lots of patented shoes and boots. cashmere turtlenecks. chunky handknit sweaters. dark wash premium denim jeans. yellow/pink gold jewelry. ok, i live in houston where autumn is still really summer, so i guess i would have to go on vacation somewhere "chilly" to wear my stuff! also, more H bags....hopefully!
  7. Stella McCartney navy blue trench, Chanel boots, Habitual Jeans dark rinse & bootcut, Chanel Military style black Cashmere Coat (courtesy of the hubby), Cashmere sweaters, Target T-shirts, Target Paul and Joe slacks, Hermes Medor watch in Potiron and PH, Hermes Scarves, Hermes 35cm Birkin, Wool Felt Beret with flower design and veil purchased at Steinmart.
  8. for work i always wear black,so i bought a slimfit black trousers from moschino,some simple balck tops from H&M,black high-heel boots,black maskuline style west,and some sexy black lingerie so i feel SATC at work:smile:.
    and i am on search for a nice plisse as scarf,bag accessory etc...
  9. Jeans (Paige, AG, Citizens), Vince sweater wrap hooded jackets, J. Crew tees, LL Bean vests, Burberry/MaxMara outerwear, Tods Winter Grommini Black Patent Loafers, Theory slacks and sweaters, newsboy caps (for lazy hair days), 35cm Black or Vert Anis Birkin, black Chanel J12, and pearl or diamond studs.
  10. Joes Jeans, black Prada cashmere sweater (purchased two today...love them!), black 3" stilleto boots (JC, Gucci, Sergio Rossi), white J.Crew tees, Max Mara jackets, black 35 birkin w/ GH, white gold Cartier Love hoops, pony tail while I grow out my bangs...
  11. My wardrobe is a lot like HG's except instead of black pants I am usually in jeans. So, my autumn wardrobe goes something like this: cashmere sweater, jeans, either croco loafers or boots, blazer or wrap. Substitute the cashmere sweater for a crisp white blouse or white cotton turtleneck (when it is too warm for cashmere - I overheat easily!) and that is about the extent of it. Lots of H scarves/pocket squares, H braclets and H watches. Add the potiron GPT and that is my look!
  12. Since my H bag is BJ I think I'll probably carry more of my other bags (LV and Coach suede) with H scarves as accents. I'm usually more casual in summer and like to get dressed up for fall/winter (love layers). I have a fantastic black wool coat from Banana Republic that I got 3 years ago. I will be wearing outfits worked around two wool skirts I just got on sale from BR as well as jeans/tweed pants and sweaters. I'll be getting a lot of use out of my Les Boxes scarf in orange/brown. I'll be wearing my pearls more often and am looking forward to wearing boots. I love fall! The leaves on the grape vines are starting to turn and it is so pretty here. :flowers:
  13. i'm hoping for cooler weather here soon. so here are my autumn essentials :

    capelets, leggings, patent wedges, leopard ballet shoes, oversized sweaters, all-year round jeans.
  14. agree LOLO, hate Angora it makes my eyes run - can only wear cashmere next to skin; tried skinny jeans then decided they didn;t work for a mum aged 39.liewise since i had my daughter i can't do heels everyday - i've tried but its just to good. live in ferragamo loafers or Prada or Gucci traners. would like a pair of Hermes Quick to go with jeans.
  15. assymetrical black mod jacket and a nice heeled boots and my bj :smile:
    Just like Fraulein Pradameinhofgang I can't wear Angora (itchy as hell!) a nice cashmere sweater and flat shoes ( driving in heels are dangerous!)